Why you might want to skip Samsung Note 9.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 official launch is on August 9th. We are pretty sure about the specs of the Samsung Note 9, and it’s looking like one of the best Android Smartphones of 2018, BUT, you might want to avoid it. Check out LastPass here: http://bit.ly/2KVJuRQ

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20 Responses to “Why you might want to skip Samsung Note 9.”

  1. Daniel Martinez says:

    You might never push your phone to it's limits, and yet you wait for one that is even more capable of things it will never even do, because you're not going to be doing finite element analysis on your phone; you're just going to be on Facebook. My note 9 is a computer that is better then most laptops I've seen people working with, and it fits in my pocket. It runs silky smooth, and it will probably never stress. The reason anyone can regret buying this phone because a better one is coming out, is because there are materialistic people in the world, and they simply need more. There's nothing wrong with that though. You do you.

  2. Neiro Office says:

    Just buy the note 9 and keep upgrading in notes over the years

  3. Rika says:

    My last phone was the Xperia XZ and it pretty much has a dead jack and battery so… It's a huge upgrade for me since it's 2 years old and half broken anyways. Plus I don't have any other options on the same level from what my service provider gives me (such as cheap options like the pocophone). The next best thing is the find X but for some reason it's even more expensive and has much lesser features plus no jack and smaller battery.

  4. ONHZHS production sg says:

    you suck bitch

  5. ONHZHS production sg says:

    you sucm bitch

  6. Itz_Ivan says:

    guys when the s10 plus and note 10 is released which one should i buy??? pls reply

  7. Ishaan Samdani says:

    I got a Note9 advertisement

  8. RT Gaming6000 says:

    Samsung galaxy X? do you mean galazy F..?

  9. kevin kind800 says:


  10. Guadalupe Ruiz says:

    i didnt expect his voice!!! 10/10

  11. ][v][ says:

    what a joker. gathered all those 1.5M subs with clickbates.

  12. Jonathan Saona says:

    How much did Apple pay you to make this video?

  13. da_lollipop_kid_ says:

    At least you get a free Fortnite skin……..

  14. deven murphy says:

    I got the note 9 3 days after it was released and it's amazing

  15. Alecia Weedon says:

    I'd like to see your review on what you think is the best of the best of samsung phones in your opinion coming up for 2019.

  16. Alecia Weedon says:

    Thaaaank you! I'm a huge fan of the note and was about to buy the note 9 but with your review I will hold off…looking forward to your note 10 review!!

  17. Lori Mabee says:

    It does i got it

  18. 15 coals says:

    I'm waiting for the galaxy note 12 after buying the 9

  19. Bacon Grease says:

    Watching this on my note 9

  20. Nova Art NZ says:

    Note 9 has disappointed me a lot. Slow no is poor quality and short. OCR app has vanished. Camera is not that much better than my note 5. Bixby is next to useless. Disappointed++

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