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Apple iPhone 5 vs Sony Xperia T comparison – Which one is better?

Mike takes a look at the Sony Xperia T vs iPhone 5 comparison Two of the most important smartphones of 2012 are the Apple iPhone 5 and the Sony Xperia T, both potent handsets with distinctive features. In tis clip, we’re putting them side by side, trying to see which one wins the Apple iPhone 5 vs Sony Xperia T battle. The iPhone 5 now sports a 4 inch screen, taller than the previous iPhone 4s and higher resolution too, at 1154 x 640 pixels, while the Sony Xperia T is a 4.6 inch monster with 1280 x 720 pixels resolution. The iPhone 5 is running iOS 6, while the Xperia T packs Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, with a promise to be updated to Jelly Bean soon. The construction is different too, with the iPhone 5 being thinner and lighter, but covered with an easy to scratch aluminium back, while the Sony Xperia T is heavier, bulkier, but solid built, with a grippy rubbery back. Performance is similar thanks to dual core processors (A6 for the iPhone and Snapdragon S4 for the Xperia T), as you’ll see from the iPhone 5 vs Xperia T benchmarks and speed tests. While on paper the camera of the Xperia T has a sizeable megapixels advantage, 13 vs only 8, pictures and videos look just about the same on the two, as proven by the Xperia T vs iPhone 5 camera test included in this clip, so the question is what do you prefer: iOS or Android, if you have to decide on these to. We invite you now to watch our iPhone 5 versus Sony Xperia T comparison. — Twitter: Facebook: www

[TEChBrits] – #027 New MySpace! Tech Gripes, iPhone 5 Review, PS3 Super Slim

This Episode takes a look at the fantastic return of a brand New MySpace, we investigate some of your “Tech Gripes” all things you tell us wish you could change about the Technology industry, we review the iPhone 5 with a hands on, and take a look at the new PS3 Super Slim whether it’s late…

Apple iPhone 5 Unboxing — Exclusive & First on YouTube

iPhone 5 Unboxing — The new iPhone is Apple’s slimmest smartphone yet and also comes packing 4G LTE connectivity, a 4-inch screen and new iSight camera. We get our hands on one of the first models in the world and take a closer look at the iPhone 5 and what lurks inside the box. For more on the iPhone 5 head to

First Look: Verizon Samsung Galaxy S3

A First Look at Verizon’s version of the Samsung Galaxy S3. Director’s channels- Technology Minecraft channel: Here’s a first look at the Samsung Galaxy S III for Verizon Wireless. This smartphone will be available for pre-order this Wednesday June 6. Pricing will be 0 for the 16GB and 0 for the 32GB. This device will be Verizon’s flagship Android smartphone and will feature 2GB of RAM with a 1.5 Ghz dual-core processor. All pictures in this video are courtesy of Verizon Wireless. Check out the phone on their website by clicking the link below. Follow me on Twitter:

First Looks – Samsung Galaxy S III Exclusive Detailed Look

We visited Samsung’s offices today to spend some time with the Samsung Galaxy S3 to bring you a more detailed look at the phone.

Which Android Smartphone is Right for You? There’s a huge number of Android phones on the market, but how can you know which one is right for you? Smartphone expert Ginny Mies takes a look at five of the most popular models.

iPhone 3GS

Here is a look a look at the new features available from the Apple iPhone 3GS.

NEW: Viewsonic Unveils Dual-Sim Phone for Android

A first look at the new Viewsonic V350 dual sim Android phone from iFA 2011 in Belrin FROM VIEWSONIC: The V350 with dual SIM capability from ViewSonic offers a world of choice. Allowing two SIM cards to be simultaneously used, the V350 is a lightweight phone running Android 2.2. Incorporating all the technology you would expect from the latest phone devices, such as 5MP camera, B/G wireless support and a bright clear 3.5″ screen, the V350 has the added feature of allowing the phone to operate with two SIM cards. Business users can keep business and personal calls and data separate. International travellers can keep their current number, but buy a local SIM card for localised data provision, saving on expensive international roaming charges. The V350 really does offer a choice.

The Daily Brief – iPhone 4S Official Details, Lease-A-Wife

Today on The Daily Brief we took a look at the following topics: Lease A Spouse: iPhone 4S Official Details: Top 5 Best Pulp Fiction Scenes:

Discovering The Proper Laptop computer Computer Backpack

Article by Samora Gunter

Those of us who’re especially fortunate after the Christmas present giving may find ourselves with a fairly good Laptop computer Computer. What a great reward, you will discover that you’ll never leave residence with out it. However after just a few days the excitement might put on off once you understand it’s type of annoying taking it round and worrying about dripping it etc. The solution is fairly simple. Spend money on a Laptop Laptop Backpack. It is a simple investment; after all, it is only a backpack. However, it makes having a laptop a lot nicer. You possibly can take it with you in every single place you go and have everything you need with it to. The one dilemma is what laptop laptop backpack is best for you? Properly, I current the 5 predominant issues when selecting the pc bag that is right for you.

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