Should You Buy iPhone XS Max or Galaxy Note 9?

Should You Buy iPhone XS Max or Galaxy Note 9? Hello all and welcome to this video comparison between two of the hottest smartphones on the planet right now in the Apple iPhone XS Max and the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. In this video we will break down and analyze these two phones in detail with the intentions of helping you make a buying decision. If you have one or the other of these phones, please consider sharing your experiences using them with the community it would be greatly appreciated 🙂 Any further questions, comments, concerns, feedback, suggestions, please be sure to go ahead and post that down below in the comment section of this video. As always thank you for watching and be sure to be well and peace 🙂

Wallpaper from the phones in this video:

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20 Responses to “Should You Buy iPhone XS Max or Galaxy Note 9?”

  1. Nick Ackerman says:

    Should you buy iPhone XS Max or Galaxy S9+ ——–>

  2. generik1981 says:

    Samsung is releasing an update that tweaks the camera and such. Think you would do an update video on the camera

  3. Iliana Cruz says:

    People stop being cheap. I was an android person for year ex network administrator. Samsung phones are cheap they freeze. If you drop the glass breaks. I got my first iPhone 6splus and fell 100 times never broken no freezing no issues. The glass and phone is heavy duty and made to last years. Curves are annoying but I would stay with what you have until price goes down either way who cares how old your phone is everyone is wearing wallet covers or covers meaning just wait and buy what will last. To me iPhone and their customer service isn’t in out of country they are really professional

  4. Kakan Margaria says:

    I cant use a note 9, i just dont understand how to use them. Im picking the iPhone becuse i can live with a samsung! Hehe they should be much cheaper tho, maby the prize of iPhone xr?

  5. cheyenne karim says:

    Y'all say you'll go for note 9 just to take a shot at Apple but Xs in all honesty is better.

  6. Aviciena Iskandar says:

    I’ve said it a several times. I used android for years, and now make the jump to iOS out of curiosity lol, so far so good
    Tbf, if and ONLY IF Samsung has better software updates, they’re gonna be unbeatable!

    Samsung phones are so good, damn good. But after a good 1, 2 years, Android lack of updates on their phones make it an ageing gems. Fix that, Samsung!

  7. Charles McCormack says:

    Note 9!!

  8. xCapt. jun says:

    note 9 is COMPLETE package. .. enough barking plss

  9. Bristlerske says:

    Galaxy Note9 all the way

  10. Evlin v says:

    I’m getting the iPhone X’s max I’m getting it late because I’m 12

  11. Serj Star says:

    The iPhone looks soooooo sexy

  12. Thor Nado says:

    Camera of iphone is naturally clear than note9.

  13. Thor Nado says:

    Iphone simplicity but reliable attracts mainstream people. Only few are interested on added features like note9.

  14. Teresa McGuire says:

    I have both in the exact same colors,I’ve got the 256gb gold xs max and the 128gb blue note 9. I use and love both!

  15. Anthony Wall says:

    I have an iPhone 6S Plus and a Note 8. iPhone is my daily driver. The Note has a lot of features, most don't get used in the real world by the average user. iPhone on the other hand i use FaceTime, Airdrop and iMessage every single day. I can sign contracts, make PDFs. Headphone jack to me is a gimmick feature. In 2018 most people are using wireless headphones. Now don't get me wrong, I like my Note 8 and there are some cool things it does, but there's way too much hype about the features that most don't even use. If you want a ton of features, go with he Note, but if you want a phone that just gets it done, go with the iPhone. Just remember, at the end of the day, these are just tools to get our task done, nothing more.

  16. Angel Reborn says:

    Iphone is still the undisputed champion…samsung is for poor chaps !

  17. Scott O says:

    Note 9 without a doubt. iphone is the same phone every single year. and why change it when you're selling millions of them. I'm done with Iphone. Galaxy Note 9 is an amazing device with everything you can ask for. Beautiful phone.

  18. Mr CanUHemi says:

    We have to meet, I'm in Chicago as well. I'm starting my technology channel. Very well done Nick

  19. why are we always yelling says:

    You can't use the iPhone without at least $400 worth of extra accessories that they don't include in the purchase of the phone

  20. Joe Harley says:

    So when you buy one of these which one depreciation more? Value is more than just the original cost… if I buy this iPhone I know I can trade it a year from now for a flagship android (next years flagship).
    Also I hate Samsung due to making the screen curved so you can’t really have a quality tempered glass screen protector

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