Setup Hotmail / Live Email on Android Gingerbread Smartphone

Just showing you how to setup a hotmail / live email account on the Samsung Galaxy S2 smartphone thats running android gingerbread, microsoft introduced active push to there hotmail account so it now synchronises between the handset and the website

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13 Responses to “Setup Hotmail / Live Email on Android Gingerbread Smartphone”

  1. agebali says:

    @inamghafoor Both.. I’ve been reading online and it may be because I was trying to setup via wifi. Will retry when I get my data plan activated.

  2. inamghafoor says:

    @agebali dude are you setting up yahoo or hotmail email account?

  3. inamghafoor says:

    @007szczur dude you will have to be a bit more specific at waht part of the setup process does it fail?

  4. agebali says:

    Very nice video. I wanted push email on my s2 but when I select “premium account” it always says “connection error”. Any ideas? I already went into my email options on the pc and selected the POP option. Also Im using Wifi

  5. inamghafoor says:

    @007szczur hi dude what problems are you having, is it not accepting the account?

  6. 007szczur says:

    I just got Galaxy S2 and have problems seting up email account any ideas what to do please?

  7. DMundus says:

    @inamghafoor that would be very helpful yes. thank you

  8. inamghafoor says:

    @DMundus you don’t need to pay to set up a premium account, trying add the account as just a hotmail account with username/password, if you want i can do a video on how to setup exchange mail with a hotmail account which works for me aswell?

  9. inamghafoor says:

    @bullittqc try going into the email app hitting menu button then add account to see what you have, you may also want to update your app to make sure your running the latest version

  10. mirpatel says:

    Thank you – very useful

  11. DMundus says:

    do you have to pay to set up a premium account (3:06) because when i try to add my hotmail account as premium it says connection failed so my e-mail does not sync. or do you have to enable something in your hotmail before adding it ?

  12. blueeyes56912090 says:

    Absolutely fantastic – a must see video on how to set up your e-mail on the S2 (thanks to inamghafoor)

  13. bullittqc says:

    why mine a dont see hotmail account or gmail ????

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