Samsung’s Note 9 Unpacked event highlights in 10 minutes

Watch highlights from the Note 9 launch event and see Fortnite on Android in all its glory.

Galaxy Note 9 hands-on –

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Unpacked event live stream –

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20 Responses to “Samsung’s Note 9 Unpacked event highlights in 10 minutes”

  1. iJohny Videos says:

    Booring Conference. Use iPhone 7 but love Samsung

  2. T4X5yCIrPQ says:

    Update our unlocked phones ya a*holes

  3. TsikUp says:

    Guys can one cool guy do me a favour and send me a message on instagram i want to ask a serious question about note 9. Contact me giorgos_tsikz

  4. americano spicy says:

    His English is just so Korean haha.

  5. belajornada says:

    While many top-tier companies are out of business, the only survivor is Samsung

  6. Unlock Your Power says:

    Thank you! Keep working to improve peoples lives!

  7. PIT Designs - Erbil Web Design & Printing says:

    Samsung works so hard on creating a phone then present it in the most boring / awkward way possible!

  8. Scott Braun says:

    am i watching a Samsung presentation or Apple, cause Im confused atm.

  9. Vaidas Šibirkštis says:

    ¶ Li-ion type was used since 1995. Not GoodEnough on XXI century. So, any phone should go to MUSEUM if it has no Graphene revolutionary Battery on board. Even iFruit.

  10. Jin's so perfect so dont even argue with me says:

    some of these clips made me cringe quite a bit😂 anyways there's no such thing such as perfect presentation.

  11. gotohell says:

    I want an Spen that can cook me some Bacon

  12. P Raker says:

    my friend is a cheap bastard and still uses his Note 3. Note 5 had a great slim design but no expandable memory. Note 8 and 9 is where you want to be.

  13. alexis hotmess says:

    samsung is better than apple 😎

  14. PurpleZebra_831 says:


  15. EzZONEify says:

    I hope you've learned your lesson samsung, never leaked a full leaked specs of major upcoming device, cough Galaxy S10/X cough

  16. Infiltrator2003 says:

    Death of Samsung?

  17. Wrex Reeva says:

    Why not skip to Note25?

  18. Prasad Nandipamu says:

    Very nice

  19. Mor M21 says:

    Even as an iPhone user I admit Samsung is better by far that's why I'm buying Samsung S9 or Note 9

  20. Khan Imran says:

    just watcing in my note 8 planning to buy note 9

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