Samsung Note 9 Teardown! – Is there Water inside?

Lets teardown the Samsung Galaxy Note 9! Grab your free audio book with a 30 day trial of Audible: or text jerryrig to 500 500! I recommend Ready Player One. Seriously one of the best books Ive listened to in awhile. Thanks for sponsoring this video!

The Galaxy Note 9 has been teasing us with its water carbon cooling system since launch day. And its time to open up Samsung’s newest Note 9 Phone and reveal its secrets. Lets get a close look at the Heat Pipe, and the Variable Aperture Camera. There is so many cool things to look at inside this high tech piece of technology. Do you think that heat pipe is enough for some Fortnite Gaming?

Note 9 Durability Test Video:

Awesome Smartphone Tool Kit:
LARGER tool kit:
Green Pry tool:
Metal phone opening tool:

The camera I used to film this video:
The Lens I used for this video:
Wide angle lens:
And this Metabones adapter:
This is the drone I use:

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20 Responses to “Samsung Note 9 Teardown! – Is there Water inside?”

  1. تعلم كيف learn how says:

    Fortnite chicken dinner(hahahahahahahahaha)

  2. Ansari Abdulbaqui says:

    Note 9

  3. Jordan Gibilaro says:

    Mate 20 pro?

  4. devilbat 90 says:

    Cools your video is the best

  5. Manos says:

    7:54 Samsung shit phone bugs

  6. Clever Guy says:

    Give me an s8 for explore it's internals I am also an electronic entusiast like you please

  7. Sujalpreet Singh says:

    Please do the Huawei mate 20 Pro teardown

  8. David Bolha says:

    @ 05:56
    … texting an angry girlfriend. 😅😎

  9. Syah Muse says:

    High temperature "while texting with your girlfriend"

  10. james calid says:

    whos watching this on there note 9 terrified

  11. Jonathan Brand says:

    Do they send you phones or do you pay for them?? I don't really like this guys voice, but… He is very funny. Also "Lego connectors" never heard of them being called that, it's funny. Very very awesome teardown! Thank you

  12. SHADOW KING says:

    Can you give me some phone

  13. Marko Magdy says:

    Waiting for a GIVEAWAY😉😉

  14. Name Name says:

    Fortnite gamers will be delighted to hear about the "Wick" inside their phone

  15. Sayantan Nandi says:

    The best phone in the market right now

  16. Superfighterleo TV 2 says:

    "So no matter how far you stick your tool inside, it won't damage or puncture anything important"
    I see what you did there😏😏😏

  17. Channing Arch says:

    pretty easy to fix, only challenge is getting the back glass off which you made look pretty easy, for anyone watching it is harder than that haha.

  18. That One Incredible Simmer says:

    Can we all come to the agreement that both iPhones and Samsung’s are great phones? start a war

  19. Xx_SAIEL_xX says:

    Man never expected Nokia Battery inside 😂😂

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