Samsung Note 9 Durability Test! – Bixby is not Secure…

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The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is HERE and its time for a durability test. Will the Note 9 survive the scratch burn and bend test? Will all the buttons remain intact during this video? Is that question super oddly specific? The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is on my desk and about to be scratched, burned and bend tested to the max. Before spending a thousand dollars on samsungs newest flagship, its important to know if the Note 9 is fragile or if the Note 9 will survive the test of time.

How durable is the S Pen? Glad you asked, in this video we also test the durability of the Note 9 S-Pen. Most of the time it will be hidden inside your phone, and protected by Samsungs iconic ridged durability… but theres always something new we can learn.

Would you buy a phone where someone could prank you?
Are you surprised at how secure Bixby is?

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20 Responses to “Samsung Note 9 Durability Test! – Bixby is not Secure…”

  1. Ghanshyam Kumar says:


  2. New Gadget Reviews says:

    Confused does that mean the water 💦 resistance is compromised when the buttons come off??

  3. Asad Chishti says:

    If i have money why wouldn’t i buy it. But if i have to save money to buy it. It won’t be on my priority list

  4. MDN boy says:

    By the way, guys do you know that Samsung is a Korean company?

  5. Leyam Naim says:

    WARNING! Hard To Watch😂😥

  6. pham says:

    Watching this on my note 9, feels bad man

  7. ALL Type says:

    Why you brocken the phones

  8. Rodrigo del Cid says:

    the fingerprint scanner is like a little camera, if you scratch it and then record the fingerprint, it works perfectly because the phone remembers the fingerprint with the scratch on it. the impressive feat is recording it, scratching it and then doing the test. i say this because ive seen a lot of your videos and it bugs me that you do it in a different order.

  9. Phil says:

    Would really like to put a skin on it without a case. I never dropped a phone before. But who knows..?

  10. leo ven says:

    I love it how you just break the pen in Half 😂

  11. Dedicated Deadshot says:

    Stooooop scratching the phoooone!! REEEEEEEEEEE

  12. Daniel Livingston says:

    If you don't want that phone give it to me

  13. kulwinder kaur Ranu says:

    S pen rip😢😢😢

  14. AJ Holka says:

    Part of me died after watching this video

  15. Dimitri Gama says:

    Could u do a durability test on the Xiaomi mi 8 pls.

  16. here's Butler says:

    Removing the buttons seems cool people on ebay and other shops could sell coloured buttons like the google pixels orange power button

  17. Hibbert Michalak says:

    Could of gave me it

  18. TheHighTower says:

    You can remove the Bixby button…….

  19. Jasmine Vilches says:

    Poor phone 😞

  20. jerm Vids says:

    if any of you guys have the note 9 and are not using it for fortnite is it ok if I claim the galaxy skin on it discord jermlol1#6982

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