Samsung Galaxy SII Android smartphone video demo at MWC Barcelona

SAMSUNG’s Galaxy S II Android smartphone shown off at MWC. More info at The INQUIRER:

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25 Responses to “Samsung Galaxy SII Android smartphone video demo at MWC Barcelona”

  1. pdidko says:

    rip apple:S

  2. rmadrid730 says:

    NOKIA N 9 RULESSSSS !!!!!!!!!

  3. TheComputerDewd says:

    I have the tmobile version of this phone, LOVE IT!

  4. hiichou1989 says:

    samsang glaxy s nice je vi achte un cette semain merci

  5. defiantpb06 says:

    Samsung Galaxy S II (4G) > Iphone 4s (3G)

  6. pcpreston99 says:

    ₩at§ Dæ HêLl i§ that!!! It looks badass i got sgS

  7. ZboubTube says:

    Irony, don’t you know it?

  8. PentagramReativeX says:

    @jin7210 did you see samsung galaxy note?

  9. caiofernando says:

    @1997bigben It is 8.5mm, not cm… 1 centimeter = 0,4 inches aproximately.

  10. MalcolmXless says:

    ¡¡¡ Super Machine !!!

  11. MalcolmXless says:

    ¡¡¡Super machine!!!

  12. LCL0Z0T0 says:

    all it needs now is somin like siri for iphone n then it will be the best phone ever created lol 🙂

  13. jin7210 says:

    the thing i dont like with s2 is that its a  little too big

  14. sssalbaluchi says:

    Im having iphone 4 white and i really love it bcoz its js amazing. N i like the s2 as well bcoz it has everything u want. Thumbs up for both Iphone and S2 🙂

  15. MJfanMega says:

    I’m buying mine tomorrow 😀 YAY!!!
    My best friend has one and this is seriously the BEST smartphone everrr!

  16. Djavan02 says:

    Rum Crysis ? =x

  17. Koalaluver16 says:

    All my friends traded their Evos for iPhones and I’m just thinking what is wrong with you guys… The Galaxy is where it’s at… Too bad I don’t get a new phone until 2013…

  18. AndodimalaGaga says:

    My phone:XI love it!

  19. c2g1980 says:

    @floriangrey U do realize that the iphones have the exact platform as my treo 60p that came out in 2004 right. The reason 4that is their’s this guy named Gates that was running over the market a decade ago. Companies complained because they couldn’t sell there product. The govnmnt put a freeze on Bill, so Bill part of apple. A yr later I c this phone thats looks like my old treo 600 calld an iphone. I’ve been n the smartphone game since they came out & nothings innovative about apple 4sure.

  20. MrBujupi says:

    I bought mine today , fucking awsome !!!

  21. coollestboyever says:

    hello please tell me the users of Samsung galaxy s2 that this have any problems.

  22. emptysoul189 says:

    @floriangrey sure the way apps look in a similar content but the software is completely different and more complex than the limited choice of apple telling you what you can only access compared to this phone you can virtually do anything without being charged an arm and a leg. it has a faster processor than an iphone, better graphics card than an iphone, and had a stronger hd camera before the iphone4s came out with their camera being the same but this phone was realsed 6 months before iphone.

  23. loverofpie32 says:

    @1997bigben LOL. Milimetres, not centimetres. 8.49 centimetres would be FAT

  24. TROLLYEMAK says:

    8,49 is the size of a japanese dick

  25. PhreshPhase says:

    @zIKatastrophe Depends what you want out of a phone. What I put it down to was

    iPhone 4(s) – Great for people who want great out of the box performance and don’t want to play around with settings/custom software etc

    Galaxy SII – Great for people who love to tinker with their tech and really mod the hell out of things (also provides excellent out of the box performance)

    Both are amazing phones and you will not be disappointed with either.

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