Samsung Galaxy S9 Review: The Perfect… Samsung!

Spoiler alert: There’s still a Bixby button.

Galaxy S9+ skins:

Dave2D video on the blood pressure sensor:

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Intro Track: That Good Ship by Alltta


Phone provided by Samsung for review.

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20 Responses to “Samsung Galaxy S9 Review: The Perfect… Samsung!”

  1. ठाकुर 86 says:

    Good build quality. Amazing display. Amazing camera. Useful samsung pay. And it’s samsung brand.

  2. amy jargans says:


  3. Anak Terengganu says:

    Samsung UI so ugly

  4. Ryan Silveira says:

    So many haters in the comments. IF YOU DONT LIKE THIS REVIEW THEN DONT WATCH ITTTTTT

  5. Bruno B. says:

    Bixby button is the only thing keeping me away from S8 and S9. This is annoying ass hell. Just like that notch on the top :S

  6. Jr Lopez says:

    I took the blind test and actually picked samsung pics over pixel 2 and iPhone x. I didn't know which photos belonged to what phone but I guess samsung just did it for me on the pic side

  7. Kanchan Wargude says:

    Samsung S9 is awesome 😘😘😘😘😘

  8. Khoi Pham says:

    Goggle Pixel 2XL is inferior in most category….. Bent easily…. No wireless charging….. Missing lots of features….I rather have an Samsung….or an less features LG v30 but I have more durability and a headphone jack. I have a older car and dongle is not for me.

  9. RonRacer says:

    good review. Is it worth upgrading S9+ to Note9? Would like to see you do that review

  10. balaji balu says:

    Any body need s9+ for free
    sub me
    i will give my card deatils really ..
    works so many people
    enjoyinG noW

  11. Souk Khanhsila says:

    The note 8 is on sale for $730. But I'm still leaning towards the S9+. But damn if that note 8 wasn't a great deal right now, wait a few weeks, that bad boy will be cheaper.

  12. Jonathan oQo says:

    Pass, ill wait to Compare to pixel… if not then ill try iPhone… Samsung's bloatware is overdone & they just add more.

  13. Thespore5 says:

    I really enjoy my Samsung galaxy s7. Because it has useful empty space that prevents me from doing things with the screen when I'm just holding it. It also has a home button that gives a satisfying feedback when I press it. It's something that is irreplaceable. Tell me, why is an even bigger screen and slimmer phone necessary?

  14. Mustaneer Ahmed says:

    review nokia phones

  15. Kerim Grozny says:

    He does a great job of explaining, He said it's the best Samsung phone, but I don't like Samsung phones, because they're far back of being a pure android phone.

  16. Akkireddy Karthik says:


  17. Alamin Hasan says:

    samsung forever!!! but i hate your touchwiz and bixby and so do a lot of people so get rid of it plz

  18. CozyGamingDude says:

    Wallpaper link…..

  19. Sahil Goyal says:

    Anyone knows from where can i get that wallpaper? It looks so good!

  20. ChubbyTerp says:

    How do you get the black google bar on the hone screen? The white one is driving me crazy

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