Samsung Galaxy S9+ Review: Plus finally means something

Full Galaxy S9 Plus text review:

This is the Galaxy S9+. What Samsung calls the camera re-imagined, what most consumers call – the new Galaxy; what we call the successor to the best all-rounder of 2017. That device that’s not necessarily the best at just one thing, but instead great at everything. Yes, it’s hard to tell the difference between last year’s model and this one, but that’s until you use one. As this year the Plus actually means something. Watch our full Galaxy S9 review to learn more about it.

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20 Responses to “Samsung Galaxy S9+ Review: Plus finally means something”

  1. Aakash Vijaya says:

    Why do i feel s9+ camera has shaky image quality??

  2. AR says:

    I just got it today


    watching this video with my s9 plus coral blue with uag case and tempered screen protecter fully loaded

  4. Amol Bansode says:

    Curved display doesn't work in real life. Samsung should learn something from Apple.

  5. King Joker says:

    You review cái lồn gì thế

  6. manuel zenteno says:

    my wife still owns her galaxy note3 and dont want to let it go. is time to upgrade to Galaxy S9+

  7. Sophie Gull says:

    Watching on my Samsung s9 plus.😘😍

  8. Jasmin66656 Msp says:

    I had a HTC One M9 and upgraded to a S9+.I am really happy to see that technology is evolving,in the future we may even have phones that can be used as computers.

  9. maher shtat says:

    A great phone in all aspects but curved screen remain a pain in the ass….. no proper temepred glass protecter ever in markat
    to give real screen protection .

  10. Geomlord says:

    I actually liked the s8's fingerprint scanner position than the s9, for me who has huge hands, it fits perfectly for me. The new position is to low for my hand/finger

  11. Darla Elizabeth says:

    Love Samsung

  12. Giorga 18 says:

    is Good GalaxyS9+ Battery?

  13. Naszuan says:

    I’m thinking of moving from iphone to S9+. But my only concern for now is whether there’ll be lagging after 1 or 2 years of usage. I cant afford to keep changing phone every year tho

  14. Imagineth says:

    Crap, crap, crap! All Samsung phones are crap. Any LG phone is better than any comprable Samsung phone.

  15. No No says:

    all I care about is how long will the batter last while listening to music. If it can last me a full 8hr shift and still be only at 90% then I'll be happy, right now my S6 edge I have to constantly put on the charger after 1hr of listening to music.

  16. D S says:

    Unbreakable screen should be inplay at this stage

  17. mehakdeep singh says:

    Hi me Revera.

  18. Leonaldo Brum says:

    I saw this on my S9+ while my S7 Edge is here receiving the Oreo update 😊
    Talk about Samsung being slow on updates is not adherent to reality – they update while maintaining stability and pleasurable usage.

  19. aZe tw0xikk says:

    Great vid,gracias^^

  20. Nourah Kadri says:

    I wish a review between s9 plus and p20 pro ,please

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