Samsung Galaxy S9 Review

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In a world where companies are adding keyboards, rumble packs, even lasers to their smartphones, the Samsung Galaxy S9 might seem a little dull. Not only does it strongly resemble its immediate predecessor the Galaxy S8; it also carries much of the same functionality. So whether you should splurge on the Galaxy S9 will depend mostly on how old your current phone is … and how much you care about that camera. I’m MrMobile and I’m here to help you figure it out in the Galaxy S9 review, brought to you by Tech21.



MrMobile’s Galaxy S9 Review was produced following seven days with a Galaxy S9+ review device in Barcelona, Spain and Boston, USA. The device was used on T-Mobile US and AT&T and was paired to a Movado Connect for the duration of the review. The device received no software updates during the review period.


Samsung Galaxy S9:

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Galaxy S9 Review [Android Central]:

Animated Galaxy S9 border wallpaper [lock screen only]:


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20 Responses to “Samsung Galaxy S9 Review”

  1. MrMobile [Michael Fisher] says:

    [CORRECTION] While the Galaxy S9 video camera records in 4K, it does not currently offer 4K HDR recording. The Snapdragon 845 supports the feature, but Samsung has not enabled it for the S9. MrMobile regrets the error.

  2. Christian Olofsson says:

    got sweet video from this! and some extras 😉

  3. Carbon Fiber says:

    Still using that Galaxy S Vibrant fuck yeah

  4. sungleong says:

    You were calling Jean Luc Picard??

  5. gamingwith cool says:

    Time machine lol my old tablet can do it without installing anything just go too the 3 dots on camera and then it says speed

  6. kitten says:

    Is the battery gonna end up degrading after a year just like my s7?

  7. BKG Edge says:

    In my opinion you shud upgrade if you have an s8 because the volume is better quality and alot louder

  8. Sean V says:

    Do you like Discovery ?

  9. Janbronx Gallego says:

    ..watching on my samsung 11+

  10. Musicosis says:

    Been a few years since I've upgraded. Very worthy upgrade indeed.

  11. To Kai says:

    MrMobile you are the best!!!

  12. ILLUMINATI says:

    Who came here for fortnite

  13. Mario Kljusuric says:

    Find your loved ones with GPSdroid app from Google play which locates cell phones even without GPS…

  14. Collin Haponenko says:

    Hater lol

  15. Josh Gaming says:

    U neglected to mention the fact that this year s9 was proceed cheaper than the s8, but why

  16. obabas80 says:

    Mr Mobile!!! How dare you not even mention or elaborate a bit on the new stereo speakers?? tsk tsk tsk.

  17. OfficialDjSyko says:

    I'll stick to buying an s8 instead, that will be my last phone i buy. Good buy s6 edge lol

  18. Benjamin Okello says:

    What theme is that on 1:34 of the video

  19. Yacine S says:

    it's not the galxy S9 it's the galaxy s9 plus..why most reviewer focus on the s9 plus?..

  20. Rhap TV says:

    How did you do the edge lockscreen wallpaper?

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