Samsung Galaxy S9 review

The Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus and S9 are all new, but have familiar designs and familiar problems. Subscribe:

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20 Responses to “Samsung Galaxy S9 review”

  1. The Verge says:

    We actually made 4 variations of our custom wallpaper this time. All of them were created by our art director, William Joel. You can download them now:
    Black and blue:

  2. clarence bañares says:

    Or Samsung Galaxy s8

  3. clarence bañares says:

    Now Lance's cellphone Samsung Galaxy s9 from Sony Xperia z5 compact in Filipino company

  4. clarence bañares says:

    Any way on Amazon holeger pro

  5. Patrick Amoaku says:

    OK, you're definately an iPhone lover

  6. Ithai Doron says:


  7. Unwene says:

    i just can't handle the bixby button and bloatware of samsung and android, but this phone is superior to the iphone x

  8. Jb life says:

    S9 plus is King


    Lol.. still a bulky phone


    LAGGY S9 😀😀 I saw a Lag in animation when you swiped left to disable BIXBY

  11. Askerovv says:

    He said the screen on the S9 is almost up to par with the iPhone X screen when the X screen is made by Samsung there is no way they would put a worse screen on their own phone

  12. Kpurnwasy says:

    Great review. So many facts. 🔥💅🏻.

  13. iGamerz says:

    This guy doesn't know what he's doing, verge.
    Actually i always watch the flagships review from the verge but this one mehh…unsatisfiable

  14. iGamerz says:

    4:49 "i'm not sure why i would ever shoot on F2.4 on this phone, i'd probably just leave it at F1.5"
    I expect better from him than doesn't know what F2.4 and F1.5 is.
    5:00 And then he complain about the S9 picture quality, well maybe because you leave it at F1.5 dude lol

  15. MrMickey says:

    Dude whined through the entire review.."blah blah blah I guess it's okay"

  16. mark menezes says:

    I used to love iPhones
    But now they aren't any better

  17. Vikingdescendent says:

    Sorry Verge, but the camera and the SD card option alone, makes the S9 and S9+ far better than the still catching up iPhone. Btw, there will be no difference in the f1.5 and the 2.4 results when the subject is well lit.

  18. Afiq Hssn says:

    Samsung, please bring back the Emerald Green colour !!!

  19. Jennifer Donnelly says:

    As soon as I heard this idiot say that the phone was "on par" with apple I turned it off. Really guy? Everyone who knows even the slightest bit about phones knows that Samsung RAPES Apple in many different categories. Never trusting this channel for a review

  20. Desmond Yeo says:

    The Verge, kindly prevent this guy from doing any Samsung review or even any Android phones. I'm a iPhone 8 Plus user for my daily driver. And a S9+ as well. I'm happy with both phone's cameras, UI, features, etc… This guy's review is just plain bais towards iPhone.

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