Samsung Galaxy S9 Impressions!

Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ are here, in the flesh. Worth the upgrade?

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20 Responses to “Samsung Galaxy S9 Impressions!”

  1. shuref says:


  2. watch dogs 2 says:


  3. Ethan says:

    I want this phone I bought an iPhone 8 plus. It was my first I phone but I regret it I have been using my old Galaxy S7 I missed Android and my headphone jack so much

  4. Wit Rigs says:

    Compare to iPhone X, I prefer Samsung S9.

  5. Ziaur Rhaman says:

    U r the bst

  6. NexGameKang says:

    It is piece of junk, battery is bad but phone is good designed!

  7. Jay Lawrence says:

    I have the s9+

  8. Pooja Yadav says:

    Not yet all a good phone to buy. Never ever try buying samsung s9 plus phone. I bought recently and feel it is waste of my money. Very bad quality of screen. Within some days you will get a line in your screen and if even an engineers says it is a manufacturing defect.. they will say it is customer's mistake. Screen quality is very very veryyyyyyyyyyyyyy bad. DOnt buy this phone

  9. Josephine Petty says:

    every video i go to they are talking about dbrand 😂😂

  10. RussTheNinja says:

    Could u do a comparison review on the s9 Earbuds and the s7 Earbuds???

  11. Eric jones says:

    They have run out of ideas. Next new feature = lower prices.

  12. DaFordKid Films says:

    getting this because i damaged my iphone se in a pool

  13. EmiAnything says:

    All this people saying the s9 is same as s8 cause they can't afford it… Kinda predicted

  14. J.A F.M says:

    What the live wallpaper name bro?

  15. Pooley Mobley says:

    I won't buy a phone unless you review it. 💁

  16. jay-benzi 9000 says:

    Does it have a headphone jack?

  17. Adeeb Taja says:

    Watching on the s9/s9+ ? XD

  18. SiSTEMA DE TERROR says:

    Iphone x > s9

  19. K B says:

    Do Samsung devices lag? I'm planning to buy an s9+.
    Hoping to keep it for at least 3 years if it starts lagging after 6 months i don't wanna buy. What do you think i should do?

  20. Zach Savage says:

    The device is great in every way! and Xeoma remote video surveillance works perfectly on it!

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