Samsung Galaxy S9 hands-on

The new Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus look familiar, but there are a few new things that make them worth checking out. Top of the list is a brand new camera that lets you change the aperture of the lens, and Samsung has fixed the placement of the fingerprint sensor. Both phones will be available in March. Subscribe:

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20 Responses to “Samsung Galaxy S9 hands-on”

  1. sylvio fagi says:

    best price for s9

  2. Filip Mihaylov says:

    Hello thank you very much for this video it is very good sorted and concentrate about the topic, very helpful, for that reason i save it at my Pinterest see here to help a lot of people who have that problem

  3. MiaDaVis ! says:

    🙁 i dont have the money for one…

  4. FatalJapan says:

    I just upgraded to the regular s9 from an s6. There are so many new things to learn about the s9 I just wish that I knew about the dual camera on the plus versus the regular one before upgrading. I also ended up getting the black one I wish I knew what the purple one looked like before switching.

  5. Reanuke Karunarathne says:


  6. theysayimgreek says:

    Can anybody tell me which phone i should buy? A samsung s9 or an iphone 8. I have done a lot of research and both phones seem similar… I have always had an android phone but i'm sick of bad camera quality. Which is why i'll be buying a more expensive phone this time. And i've always had an ipod (i still do) so i can also work with ios. Can anybody help, just looking for the one that takes the best pictures, and that wont lag as much (and one that i can keep for at least 2 years because these phones are damn expensive!)

  7. krishana prendergast says:

    Breaking up with my iPhone

  8. Shane Horne says:

    The s9 feels more solid then the s8

  9. Amol Bansode says:

    Samsung is ruining mobile design, what is use of curved display.

  10. Kairi Zamani says:

    i've jus ordered mine , i can't wait to start taking pics ♥

  11. Rajat Mathur says:

    Can't understand why reviewers compare the products so much with product released last year. I am pretty sure people are not spending to move from S8 to S9. Most would be from S7 and lower (if former Samsung users) and also from non Samsung world altogether. It doesnt matter to them so much how the new device is as compared to the one that came 1 yr back

  12. Kukuruz Krupnoklipac says:

    Thats what i hate with samsung. They rush to take as much money they can from you. You buy s8, than next years they put everything in the proper place and here it is guys, buy it again! Hey, no problem !

  13. Merfet Baxseliyev says:

    Perfect l want it

  14. BearTheGamer says:

    Ik Watching this on my new Samsung Galaxy 9+

  15. Егор Смирнов says:

    thanks for the video! S9 is a really nice phone! it's perfect for remote video surveillance via Xeoma!

  16. Bailei Ashley says:

    I have the S9 for free at my moms job

  17. T J says:

    But im watching on a s6 lol

  18. dilshad ahamd says:

    I like it Samsung Galaxy s9

  19. D L. says:

    At which point will people stop calling these "smart phones" when all phones out there are smart now. This isn't 2005 anymore people. Smh -.-

  20. Mike Chininin says:

    Crazy phone. Regretting my iPhone 8, sadly.

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