Samsung Galaxy S9+: 3 Months Later

Spoiler alert: It still looks amazing.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus review –

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20 Responses to “Samsung Galaxy S9+: 3 Months Later”

  1. asa 7319 says:

    think you need to get a life

  2. BoB XD says:

    me .. about 1 week

  3. bullxead Igor says:

    hilarious. it's review about colors?

  4. Charisma Fries says:

    For portraits or photos where an object is the focus. I use the Food mode. It doesn't make a blow up of the object the same as live focus mode does. Just a tip.

  5. Samuel Davis says:

    Jessica's swag on 100. Bet she knows how to drive a motorcycle

  6. Randhawa TV says:

    Watching on my s9plus too 👍✌😍

  7. _Malicious _ says:

    Try the Rhinoshield Crashguard

  8. Rick Saldana says:

    I've owned the Note series for a while but I love my s9Plus! Absolutely the best phone I've ever owned. Love the dual speakers. The edge lighting notifications when I get a text and I can answer immediately. Dolby Atmos is dope. Looks are second to none. 3500 mh battery. Camera is unreal in any situation. I always used my camera more than the s pen so I took a shot and love the results.

  9. Gabriel Mariñas says:

    My Samsung A8 does most of those things… $400 less

  10. Oxi Nigga says:

    Whats that intro song

  11. Dirk Mönnigmann says:

    Google Apps 👍

  12. Christopher Smith says:

    Looks like I will be buying one of these next month.

  13. Emily K. says:

    Watching on my pixel 2xl lol

  14. jessie mcknight says:

    I use mini opera for my browser

  15. halley jayaprakash says:

    Watching on my s9 plus🤗

  16. Joshua Gomez says:

    Ur cute

  17. FenderSchonJPX says:

    Can't wait to get the Note 9 and free myself from the Apple Tyranny!

  18. Ramone Bills says:

    What is the best case for the S9+?

    I have installed a tempered glass protector on the front.. I am just worried about the back of the phone.. And I don't want a bulky case…

  19. drsnowmon says:

    While I agree with most of the things she said I would have to disagree with the Samsung browser. Anyone who's really used Samsung browser will tell you it's the fastest browser for Samsung devices, faster than anything out there. I dare anyone to try it side by side and tell me I'm wrong….

  20. Ahmed Adel Sorour says:

    Watching on my S9+ 🤗❤

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