Samsung Galaxy S8 review

The Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus are Samsung’s redemption moment, the first major phones from the company since its disastrous Note 7 last fall. We filmed this review on location at One Button (

With that much pressure on their shoulders, the pair of S8s have to be good, and good they are. In fact, these phones are great, and easily the best phones released so far this year. Subscribe:

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20 Responses to “Samsung Galaxy S8 review”

  1. Sally Smith says:

    bixby reminds me of the Windows Paperclip (animated) assistant from decades ago that no one used.

  2. Corey Burns says:

    Sold my iPhone 7 plus to get a s8 plus best decision I've made the display the expandable storage and ip rating and camera and just overall features just beat the hell out of the iPhone

  3. Manas Laddha says:

    What did you know, Apple wouldn't even give you a fingerprint scanner?!
    Me (before iPhone X) : God the S8 doesn't have a good placement of the scanner!
    Me (After iPhone X) : God Why'd I say that?!?

  4. Sally Smith says:

    There is a reason the Note 7 exploded… Samsung decided to skip the Note 6. So it was a suicide bombing protest by the phone itself.

  5. AL MIA says:

    Warning!!!! Stay the away from S8. It's worthless. I've gone thru 3 S8 with service from Xfinity. Basically the phone is purely defective with not charging problem. Yes I have gone thru 3 phones with the same issue as Xfinity kept sending me the same worthless piece of S*&^#! The customer service from Xfinity is worthless as well going to worse Samsung Customer Support. It's interesting the customer service from Samsung are strictly outsourced overseas and yet they all have regular American names such as Christ, Jenny, John.. except they have heavy foreign ascent reading off of the scripts. Currently my S8 is being repaired by Samsung… yes they said they are repairing it and be prepared to go without a phone for two weeks while you still are required to pay for services and installment payment for the worthless POS phone. Therefore, save yourselves some grief and stay away from the Samsung S8!

  6. BEING HERE says:

    It really is gorgeous. But the software is glitchy, as usual. I wish they put the same effort in the stability of their software, as they do on the hardware. It's like a pretty face. But lacking in brains. But then again, most android phones are lacking to some degree in software, compared to iOS. iOs is just smooth and just works. Years later, they still work. Where most android phones begin to bog down and foul up. I think it's because of android itself. Nothing is ever refined over time. It is all about getting new and exciting stuff year after year, and pushing it out as fast as they can and then not really fixing the bugs but replacing it with the new stuff. Just my opinion. I carry both iphone and android, and have both windows and Macs. I prefer Apple products over all others for the stability and reliability and incredible ABILITY. But I am open to anyone who can do the same, and wait patiently for Samsung or LG or anyone else to rise to the occasion.

  7. Bruno Albuquerque says:

    Bixby is now available in voice command and its REALLY good!

  8. Sebastian J says:

    Indeed…One Of Samsung's Best Most Splendid Phones Yet…I Hope To Have One Eventually…

  9. Joy Ekechukwu says:

    7:14 The phone looks like it's floating

  10. Lolu lou says:

    Can I get an S8 from you?

  11. wolf hunter says:

    Please do a reivew of s8 one year later

  12. Misael Muñiz says:

    Love that intro "best phone evermade"

  13. Blake Shields says:

    Pig ugly wallpaper

  14. Michael Johnsen says:

    Ah, Verge. Your videos are so god damn sexy looking. With the extra animation and beautiful lighting… Those people behind the camera and grading need more props.

  15. p xanias says:

    Are u serious?? Google googles reads sentences and makes a search on web. Bixby reads a whole f******g OBJECT! why so mean with bixby?

  16. Abdelilah Hilal says:

    Guys Did the speaker showing Good sound quality on the Galaxy s8+

  17. Amaan Dehlvi says:

    Can you tell us the name of background music

  18. caramel coffee says:

    does anyone know if the bixby button is remappable at all anymore? like maybe with a different launcher installed? samsung should realise an extra button that can be mapped to any app would be a HUGE pro

  19. Chris Martinez says:

    My s8 is still great and I've had it for 6 months

  20. Thridlink says:

    how many slider shots can one man fit into an ad…

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