samsung galaxy s8 light notification

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20 Responses to “samsung galaxy s8 light notification”

  1. Corticera says:

    wait this was an unknown feature? I had it come with thebox

  2. Rishu Kashyap says:

    Cool awsome

  3. bunetoff says:

    Fortitude was shit

  4. Achille Renoult says:

    I have the s8 😎

  5. Achille Renoult says:

    3M view ?!

  6. LifezLife says:

    Another way to drain your battery

  7. raxXxus says:

    Im suprised that razer didn't come up first with something like that.

  8. Marshel Audrey says:

    Thats cool af

  9. Sona Creation's says:

    Nice video

    Love status clik here- #Diamondcollectionstatusforall

  10. Frontrunner on the road says:

    It's a spaceship?! 😱👽

  11. Raj Kumar says:

    Not good

  12. michael lester says:

    thats cool

  13. aster n. says:

    But it's pointless 😭

  14. Pankaj Koli says:

    Chaina system

  15. *-LUAN LCV-* says:

    So good

  16. Чувак Людь says:

    И тут он падает

  17. GuldAngut 252 says:

    Cool i have the S8+

  18. Mr. Minister says:


  19. current orange says:

    Is it on the note 8? I have it. If it is on the note 8, can somebody please tell me how to get it?

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