Samsung Galaxy S8 Hidden Features – Top 10 List

Watch this video to see the best Hidden Samsung Galaxy S8 Features! Including over 10 Hidden Features, Tops and Tricks for your Samsung Galaxy S8!
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20 Responses to “Samsung Galaxy S8 Hidden Features – Top 10 List”

  1. AppFind says:

    Enjoy the video & let us know what your favorite Samsung Galaxy S8 Hidden Features are in the comments! Thanks for watching!

  2. Conrad Howarth says:

    I'm not getting the multi colour pallet just dull colours pls could u tell me way?

  3. shari04 says:

    I cannot find the sos message feature!

  4. Krisan Peckoo says:

    How do I access that colour wheel it's not on my phone??

  5. The Zecasaurus says:

    Dude, couldn't manage to change messages settings 🙁

  6. Tonii Matsu says:

    Thank you. Very helpful!

  7. Piv00t says:

    Wow, those are some really well 'HIDDEN' features -_-

  8. Osman Abdulfattah says:

    Thanks for the show

  9. Rohit Basu says:

    Don't buy has screen burner issue

  10. BACK RAILZ says:

    For the performance more one you can click on the navigation tab

  11. Chrissel L says:

    Burger foot lettuce voice is that you

  12. Daniël Westerhof says:

    Thank you! Amazing

  13. Jalaluddin Jalal says:

    subscribe me guys plzz

  14. Wesley Reinartz says:

    Hidden? If you cant find These yourself you should get a nokia 8510

  15. Illena Tenorio says:

    Its gif not gif

  16. Yasir Basharat says:

    That's why they're hidden..

  17. Lal Mohammad says:


  18. Use Your Noodle says:

    Was enjoying the video in till the self promo add started and went on and on and on…..

  19. RishaRea says:

    Download Navbar Apps on PlayStore and the Navigation Bar's color will change according to the color of the app..

  20. Mrfreezer4 says:

    Dude, i know you're on that YouTube grind, but this is shit content. The subject is fine, and I actually enabled a couple of these things on my S8. Its the way you made the video. You talk like your audience is literally 2 years old and you sound like a shitty telemarketer. Not to mention the obvious video extending you did. You used the word "actually" about 50 times, and you called everything amazing, which serves to be annoying. just, get the dick out of your mouth man. Talk like a normal person, not like you're talking to your newborn baby., you'd get much less dislikes.

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