Samsung Galaxy S8 After 30 Days || Review

Here’s my experience with the Samsung Galaxy S8 after 30days!

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20 Responses to “Samsung Galaxy S8 After 30 Days || Review”

  1. Octa Bus Fake says:

    Black color sucks

  2. GingGaming LTU says:

    Awesome video! Thx for making it.

  3. TheTenebrianDrummer says:

    I got the S8 and I'm in love!

  4. Sphereslip says:

    I use Bixby for phone operations only, when I'm busy. Using Google Assistant for everything else. Also it does have OIS.

  5. Dafok says:

    You're language is so fking great man love your videos

  6. WhoDoesThatt says:

    Had an s7 and have to say that the s8 is a huge upgrade, the screen is amazing and the camera is a lot better than the s7. Best phone on the market without a doubt.

  7. Big John Stud says:

    after 3.5 hours of having the s4..i'm finally upgrading to the s8 on!

  8. Jascha Amiel Malik says:

    Another normie reviewing a Great phone

  9. Niderfyn says:

    I'm watching this video now again and I just realized. THREE AND HALF TO FOUR HOURS OF ON SCREEN TIME???

    WHAT? My refurbished Nexus 6 gets FOUR AND HALF usually, 90% of the time connected to WIFI, mostly used for social media, internet browsing and camera use.
    How can this be? The battery is only a 10% bigger than the one on the S8. (3300 mAh vs 3000 mAh) How can a 3 year almost 4 outperform a phone with the current best hardware and technology out there?

  10. Lillian Jackson says:


  11. KinqTyshawn says:

    Your funny asf 😂😂 liked and subscribed.

  12. Amro Elmalah says:

    Jared really deserves more subs props for you man a great video as always

  13. Donovan Hall says:

    Yea I'll never leave my place with my note8 with out a case the most random situation will have your phone cracked hell no

  14. Kristína Labayová says:

    I love this guy , is funny , made my day 😃😃

  15. Joey Wong says:

    @6:38 Well said HAHA

  16. O3O O3O says:

    Bruh I literally cried when a little scratch appeared on the front 😤

  17. Honesty Integrity says:

    Galaxy S8 is the best phone ever made.

  18. Ron swanson says:

    The s8 sucks, its too fragile, i got 7 whole cracks just because I dropped it from 1feet. I suggest you to buy samsung s7

  19. nigel wiltshire says:

    My Samsung s8 has froze and won't turn off how do I fix this

  20. tyler torres says:

    You people must be dumb i never drop my phone and i use it like everyone else

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