Samsung Galaxy S4 VS iPhone 5 Overview of Specs & Thoughts – S IV Versus iPhone 5

NEW Samsung Galaxy S4 Announced! See how it stacks up VS the iPhone 5. Features, Specs & Thoughts Overview. Release Date will be at the End of April. 4.2.2 w…

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25 Responses to “Samsung Galaxy S4 VS iPhone 5 Overview of Specs & Thoughts – S IV Versus iPhone 5”

  1. Allden Johnson says:

    Thank you for a great review. You have helped me make a tough choice 🙂

  2. Austin Cook says:

    I just like iPhones because there easy, take nice pictures and look sexy on the outside. Androids are cool, they just have a lot of stuff I don’t need.

  3. Sushil Baruwal says:

    two hands n four iphones…Y not U give me one… 😛

  4. CreatineMax says:

    L0L SHARPER DETAIL? No. 1080p vs 640p. 1920X1080 Res vs 1168X640

  5. DafuqWasThatMan says:

    It’s ok she just doesn’t know what she is talking about.

  6. DafuqWasThatMan says:

    Btw the iP5 only has an 8MP rear camera while the S4 has a 13MP.
    You are the typical apple fanboy. (Well, girl in your case.) Who will do anything necessary to make an obviously better phone look shitty, with no facts to back it up. Do you even research the specs or are you just pulling this out of your ass?

  7. DafuqWasThatMan says:

    Actually te iP5 has less pixel density, Less pixel in general, and has only a dual core. While the samsung has an 8 core Octa Exynos 5 processor at 1.6 Ghz, more pixel density, and it is definitely not as sharp as the S3 or S4.

    iPhone 5  S4
    336 Pixel Density 441
    Dual Core 1.4Ghz 8 core 1.9Ghz or Quad 1.9Ghz
    over-restrictive iOS Jellybean 4.1 that you can do anything.

  8. CreatineMax says:

    And i dont care if you can break the gs3 screen easily whih is not true at all. iv’e seen hundreds of people with cracked iphone 4s screens so please hush up. If you wan’t build quality buy a Htc one.

  9. CreatineMax says:

    All the apps iv’e played are sooth did you use a android device running gingerbread with a single core or something.? That argument that android is laggy is 2 year’s old.

  10. KasperskyRocks says:

    Still rocking my s2, hopefully upgrading to a s4 or iPhone 5. All my friends use a iPhone so I could just use iMessage to talk to them all and of course face time. It’s such a hard choice to make.

  11. KasperskyRocks says:

    Androids version of jailbreaking is called rooting.

  12. Cheyenne Wasmundt says:

    Actually, the App Store on the iPhone has more and smoother-playing apps. The Android Market just has more free stuff.

    Also, no; the GS3 stinks in terms of specs.. the thing is cheap and almost entirely plastic. I can break the screen by flicking it hard enough, something you cannot do with the iPhone.

  13. CreatineMax says:

    You can keep going about ios not having to deal with java? Android is better features,specs,os and app store.

  14. Cheyenne Wasmundt says:

    There’s only one drawback of iPhones: They aren’t Java-based. While this does restrict browser capabilities, it makes the UI a lot less laggy and prevents crashes.

    I can keep this going.

  15. SkillerDanHD says:

    HTC One or iPhone 5s

  16. KennyReid17 says:

    iphone 6 isnt gonna come out until next year, 5s is this year.

  17. parkweather says:

    You are stupid apple is way better than Samsung

  18. Diamond9ice says:

    samsung S4!

  19. CreatineMax says:

    Android had Panorama 2 and a half year’s ago why are you telling me this.? And why are you comparing a 3s to a IPhone 5. Android is better

  20. Cheyenne Wasmundt says:

    iPhones, currently, have a responsive screen, sharper screen detail ( both the 3S and iP5 have the same number of pixels, but the iP5 has a better pixel density, allowing for more sharper images), both have the same resolution camera (8MP), allow for video recording, and amzing pictures and panoramas! The iP5 even has faster WiFi than the 3S, and opens apps a bit faster. The only drawback is that it’s not java-based, but that can be fixed with a jailbreak.

  21. Cheyenne Wasmundt says:

    Your lack of intelligence… disturbs me.

  22. CreatineMax says:

    Iphones are horrible

  23. CreatineMax says:

    You look Fat.

  24. s27945 says:


  25. Jake Little says:

    Personally I would go with the S4, but the others are good choices as well. 🙂

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