Samsung Galaxy S3 Vs. Apple iPhone 5! Battle Of The Superphones Of 2012

iPhone 5 VS Samsung Galaxy S3 In Depth Comparison samsung galaxy siii vs. iphone 5 iphone 5 vs. samsung galaxy SIII Review iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S3 Drop…

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25 Responses to “Samsung Galaxy S3 Vs. Apple iPhone 5! Battle Of The Superphones Of 2012”

  1. Cavedd says:

    Nasty ugly lookin hands

  2. Texarmageddon says:

    Iphone phones cost about the same as most phones..they just hold their value better.

  3. Texarmageddon says:

    Thank you…

  4. Texarmageddon says:

    Pretty sure. the iphone has the bigger screen count…. The hardware specs doesn’t matter as the Operating system on android uses is source heavy as the Iphone is simplistic.. Also, some people don’t like the bigger screen.

  5. Dody I says:

    8 pin stupid

  6. xXDarkMakerXx says:

    S3 is way better

  7. gill ps says:

    Good job

  8. gill ps says:

    Iphone 5 is always better

  9. GameCommetaryStar says:

    4g or 3g on s3?

  10. Banjul Meshram says:

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  11. Banjul Meshram says:

    if u got this phone u dont need a girlfriend anymore, coz u got siriiiiiiiiiii lolz

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  12. สรายุทธ์ เชื้องาม says:

    Crazy iphone

  13. Diego Armando Pérez de Obaldía says:

    iPhone 5 is the bestttt!!!!!!!!!

  14. NextToTheGm says:

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  15. Ganesh Christie says:

    watch new samsung galaxy s4 vs iphone 5

    youtu. be/kwg 7Hz _Cw9U

  16. Tengku Izzurudin says:

    The specs always win to Android, but the application is goes to iOS. We’re paying them to use a phone, either iOS or Android, we use our money to buy it. As long as we are affordable to buy it, we bought them. Enjoy up with drop test between an iPhone and Samsung. :’)

  17. Hewee Wongg says:

    Why are you telling him to cut his nails? Youre not the boss of him.Mine your own buisness.

  18. chalita nat says:

    what it win?

  19. elliottgamer says:


  20. Bob Drumandbass says:

    because android is better (but im an ios user )

  21. Bob Drumandbass says:

    nexus 4 kicks ass

  22. MrJSyuen says:

    S3 better

  23. Pathofevil1cod says:

    Droid DNA wins

  24. Pathofevil1cod says:

    Neither are superphones they dont have 2gigs of ram at least and a quadcore+ processor and for a phone to be super it must be at least 4.5 inches in screen size

  25. s27945 says:


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