Samsung Galaxy S III Challenge: The Conclusion

VOTE NOW for your favorite phone: It’s the final installment of the Samsung Galaxy S III Challenge! It’s been a fun 30 days, and we’ve discussed quite a few features – battery life, signal strength, and unique software features, just to name a few. All in all, I think this is the most well-rounded Android smartphone on the market today, thanks to the broad availability on all four nationwide carriers, great features, and a UI that’s solid for geeks and mainstream users alike. It’s a winner, and I’ll be using it as my personal device for the time being. That is, until the next 30 day challenge rolls around. Facebook: Twitter: Google+: Vote For Your Favorite Smartphone: Win Free Phones:

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24 Responses to “Samsung Galaxy S III Challenge: The Conclusion”

  1. ByVxIJa says:

    S3 / One x best phones ever.

  2. misterthomas32 says:

    I live in Europe so carrier is not a problem. And maybe the Note is a little too big for me and I really whant the latest specs and the Note 2 is going to have the same chip as the SIII. So I think I’ll wait a little longer till HTC releases their new flagship.

  3. ArcStorm722 says:

    u wait until october or so Samsung will release the Galaxy Note 2…it will come out soon and if u r willing to wait, i would suggest waiting until u can find out if its coming to ur carrier….im a S3 user but the note might be really good as well

  4. TheAwesomeBart says:

    And about 2050 when such speeds become normal in the normal households :p

  5. TheAwesomeBart says:

    Everything with 4.1 is a killer combo hahaha

  6. misterthomas32 says:

    I’m going to buy a new phone and I really like the S3 but it’s already out for a few months now. So I think I’ll wait till the next android flagship, maybe htc maybe samsung…

  7. EpicMan143 says:

    @Slashhomers hell yeah cant wait tmobile might/should get it first cant wait

  8. mtsukino says:

    where do you get your wallpapers?

  9. ImCrimzon says:

    @Gouki6669 He’s the Editor in Chief for a successful website and youtube channel. He’ll make good money and can use whatever the hell phone he wants lol

  10. ImCrimzon says:

    @dikketwigt And we have 2GB of RAM and LTE. And we still have a really fast Dual Core. Sooo yea.. We win.

  11. drifter4496 says:

    hey is it worth it to change from a one x to an s3? or do you advidse me to wait for the next nexus to come out

  12. TheWp7pro says:

    team galaxy nexus!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. TheDamirHorvat says:

    I must tell you that you¨re done extremely good overview. Bravo Maestro!

  14. postalshack says:

    No phone on Earth does — 802.11n WiFi even at its best tops out at 450Mbps, and you don’t see that on phones because of the antennas and likely high energy consumption. We’ll get there, but you won’t see a phone that can max out its WiFi on gigabit Internet access until 802.11ac reaches phones. My guess: that’s 2013 at the earliest.

  15. Bill Williamson says:

    Will this handle gigabit internet? I want this and want to get Google Fiber!

  16. Piegoodman says:

    you can go rot with your outdated cortex A9

  17. Ahmed Ali says:

    there is really not big of a difference. the s4 processor is awesome anyways

  18. dikketwigt says:

    hahaha here in europe we have the quad-core version noobs!!

  19. casand1a says:

    i got my S3 yesterday … its awesome! 

  20. javacup says:

    Would be nice to hear ur comment on the color scheme of the unit.

  21. omar300i says:

    Galaxy s3 US version currently has the best developer support. Sorry htc one x, i like developers more.

  22. Imranrulezz says:


  23. Imranrulezz says:

    They’ll probably integrate it into S-Voice.

  24. Imranrulezz says:

    It’s a pretty successful website too, not just a youtube channel. They even do phone giveaways and have a partnership with Best Buy Mobile. That’s where they get their phones. They don’t keep them. They have to return review units.

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