Samsung Galaxy Note8 Introduction Video

This is the phone created for those who do bigger things.
It turns ideas into possibilities and captures life big time.
The phone that defined big, just got bigger.

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#myGalaxyNote8 #DoWhatYouCant

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20 Responses to “Samsung Galaxy Note8 Introduction Video”

  1. Brihel Upa says:

    A maçã esta mais podre do q nunca

  2. AbgMatSmart AbgMat says:


  3. R3D-KILL3R says:

    What's the song that was used for this Note 8 Commercial? I tried finding the Music everywhere, nothing found…

  4. yassin eldakroury says:

    Well i have one and its very cool

  5. rana gad says:

    Who is watching this while having a note 8?

  6. Hamidah Abd hamid says:

    aarabic ong

  7. Idham Zen says:


  8. mira mira says:

    lagu 80an

  9. ah uu Ong says:

    k. aieowowwkwkwkkwkwkwkwiwowow

  10. Ika Strawberi says:

    How much is this? I mean currently?

  11. Kimsan Sia says:


  12. Ade bela says:

    The best phone

  13. Bayu Rohman says:

    Samsung Galaxy Note 8 sekarang harganya berapa…?

  14. M Sya2 says:

    Not having a long lasting battery

  15. Mohammed Mujaddidi says:

    does anyone knows what game is he playing

  16. Lightsaber Lord P373 says:

    I love that phone awesome it is

  17. Puspa Jati Indah says:

    samsung galaxy s8 or s8+ only experiments in before galaxy note8 launched?

  18. Jake Jr says:

    note 8 : !BOMMM!

  19. abul hossain says:

    2018 it will bigger budget but in 2023 it will be be short than that time.


    osm is note 8 supr mobile

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