Samsung Galaxy Note Software Review

To view the whole Pocketnow article click here: The mechanism that makes a smartphone smart is the software that comes installed. The Samsung Galaxy Note is running Android 2.3 Gingerbread and will be upgraded to Ice Cream Sandwich Android 4.0 in early 2012. The software included incorporates elements from both a smartphone and tablet device. In this video we demonstrate the software makes the Samsung Galaxy Note a remarkable hybrid Android.

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24 Responses to “Samsung Galaxy Note Software Review”

  1. Neil Joseph says:

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  2. Ted Hilton says:

    i am getting this phone on the 30 4 birthday 😀 😀 😀 😀

  3. ksvensen says:

    I got this phone ;)

  4. tarantula1995 says:

    Many videos have said that there is lag/jitter while swiping or while animations take place (things moving on the screen), but i have seen vids that say there is no lag/jitter at all? Can anyone who owns it tell me what this is actually like to use, when it comes to lag and jittering? thanks! great vid btw!

  5. Stanlos says:

    I am really torn because the Nokia Lumia 900 is a windows phone and is so competitively priced. In fact, on price point it stomps all over the Note and the monochromatic black one is sooooooooooo sexy. It is the only thing that gives me pause on buying the Note. I have been wrestling with this choice for three months now.

  6. MRetoastet says:

    some news reported perhaps october oder later… but not for sure

  7. Fadryzt48 says:

    All i need is the Galaxy Note.

  8. DrSHREEVEERA says:

    When will the Samsung galaxy note 2 come out?

  9. andrei sza says:

    At 2:24 can you see the movie cut because turning to lanscape didn’t rotate how it supposed. Crap Laggish Android! Buy a WP device!

  10. chiefop says:

    I bought the Galaxy Note a few months ago.
    This is the best youtube on how to use the many features and applications on the stock standard note.
    Thank you for this valuable video.

  11. DROINDS says:

    ON VERIZON. For those of you who would like Verizon to start offering the Samsung Note, Please sign the petition at “­­­e-strategy-policy-verizon-wi­r­e­less-inc-carry-the-samsung­-g­al­axy-note-a-k-a-galaxy-jo­urn­al”­ if more than 10,000 request are made, Verizon will start offering thru their network. Just copy and past the link above. Thanks.

  12. jirombaboy says:

    Hey guys just take a look at this new game on android market “GATE DEFENDERS”is the name of the game, its a td rpg, works perfect on my galaxy note BIG SCREEN!! Its free, its amazing just try it =D i loved!

  13. imanthiii says:

    Please somebody let me know if the Note has been updated to ICS or not ? if not by when exactly would it happen ?? If I purchase it now, will i be able to upgrade it to ICS on my own ?? Please Reply! Thanks!

  14. jai4real says:

    trust me people, this phablet is alllll that – had the iphone 4s – the galaxy note beats it hands down – cant wait for ice cream sandwich which includes the premium suite! Peace

  15. Josiehowells94 says:

    ah! my upgrade is in 4 weeks and I am dying to get this phone! Want upgrade now!

  16. Vitaly Shestokryl says:

    Your voice is so boring

  17. MBS786 says:

    More helpful than other reviews as ever, thanks pocketnowvideo.

  18. qezilbash says:

    One of the best reviews I have seen for the samsung galaxy note!!! Great work!!! Just wanted to know, Just one thing…how come the widgets are showing in the bottom below…is it on ICS ?

  19. Akash Guha says:

    no clicking you tap on shit

  20. MrHoonk1995 says:

    awkward moment when you click on the vid to learn about galaxy note and the advert before is for the same thing….

  21. Ma9town says:

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  22. KDpyro says:

    best phone for me

  23. RavenSharne1 says:

    You have To Go To The Play Store And Download A Music Downloader

  24. MrEnteng0707 says:

    Why I have no music hub on my galaxy note

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