Samsung Galaxy Note 9 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 8: first look

Here is a quick comparison between the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and the Galaxy Note 8. What makes them different? Should you upgrade?
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20 Responses to “Samsung Galaxy Note 9 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 8: first look”

  1. kevin clayton says:

    Samsung got it right with the NOTE8 I'll wait till the note10 comes a out

  2. YOUSIF ASHKN says:

    I bought 2 note 8. Will wait for note 10 maybe

  3. Jonathan Patrick Lacson says:

    after few months, the second hand used galaxy note 9 price will drop in half after announcing the note 10 or galaxy note x. just like the note 8.

  4. pancakenutella1 says:

    Wallpaper where i can get?

  5. PXX says:

    Has anyone noticed the side bezels of the Note 9 are the tiniest bit thicker than on the Note 8?

  6. P. Vivek says:

    No notable upgrade

  7. GalaXy808 says:


  8. Micael Marques says:

    Currently have the note 8. Im happy the note 9 didnt change much from the note 8 in visual way. Now i can wait for my contract to end next year and grab the note 10.

  9. 78 SDM says:

    I wait note 20

  10. Who Dat9 says:

    This guy has always offered very subtle reviews of any Samsung phones. In contrast, he usually expresses more praise for iPhones. There are significant upgrades note 9 offer in comparison to the note 8, which were not mentioned in his review.

  11. meds says:

    worst unboxing i have seen

  12. Luis Riba says:

    Note 8 is a.good phone and can last for quite bit and do the job. Unless they come up with something 10x faster, better battery, and a better camera I won't consider any upgrades.

  13. emsss78 says:

    As a note 4 user, guess it's time to upgrade…will definitely get the 512GB version

  14. Elias Rodriguez says:

    Think we'll be able to use the note 8 screen protectors on the note 9? I use zagg and would be able to just order a new replacement if so.

  15. Sergio Velasco says:

    DisplayMate just announced that the Note 9 display has 99.99% absolute color accuracy and is 40% brighter than the Note 8.

  16. Thu Truong says:

    I have note 8

  17. Mihai Dumitrescu says:

    I can only hope that one day Samsung will break away from this BS fight with Apple and say: look, our Galaxy xxxxx is good enough and next year we don't want to release any other model. And people to be just fine with that. It is too much, in my view. I am a Note 3 user, I like Samsung and dearly dislike Apple. My Note 3 is very good even after 5 years and I don't want to buy a newer version . I will buy a Tab S4 because I need it for work and I don't have any tablet at all; I said to myself many years ago that I would not make a fun buy and so far it has worked. In all honesty, we don't use even 20% of all the features and in rare moments we do use over 20%, it is for very short period of time. If we All are to be honest, not even the Almighty Excel is not being used more than 5% of what it is capable of, so why do we , people, tend to pay a lot of money for things we don't use, and why we do that repeatedly ?

  18. 14,999,999 views says:

    Porno be real weird on the devicw

  19. Rudr Rajput says:

    My Note 8 is best

  20. David G says:

    $1250 for the 512GB Note 9: 😂😂 No thanks.

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