Samsung Galaxy Note 9 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 8

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is awesome, but is it worth upgrading from the Galaxy Note 8?

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20 Responses to “Samsung Galaxy Note 9 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 8”

  1. Sasa M says:

    Note 9 😏

  2. Micheal Bart says:


  3. Stone_rock-vloGs Matt says:

    I remember when the notary came out when I thought those bezels were freaking skinny but now they look as thick as a 2 x 2

  4. Happido Dogge says:

    Wish the US would get the cool copper color, that I'd buy!

  5. Handsome Dan says:

    Time to upgrade from my moto razr flip

  6. Di General (Why do people always argue in my reply/comment section) says:

    deciding where to go from my S4

  7. Eff Ahston says:

    Traded in the 8 for the 9 since Best buy deducted 450 for the 128 gb and truthfully I could have passed. Speakers and battery are nice, but you live once and you learn often. -Keep your money like I should have. The price you pay when you want the latest and greatest.

  8. SSx Jakubi says:

    Not worth the upgrade in my opinion, I'll stick with my note 8

  9. Fauzie Sharom says:


  10. Ash Tv says:

    Galaxy note 8😎😎💪💪

  11. x111 says:

    overpriced and has retarded curved display !!

  12. reshmi hossain liza says:

    The note 9's bazel is a little bit smaller and the Nate 8 bazel is a little bit bigger.

  13. gf Song says:

    I am having the note8, it's a great phone, it will be a waste of money to trade for the note9, thought there are some attracting new features.

    The only thing is the battery, but I don't think it will make too much difference, anyone who has both phones can tell me that ?

    I don't like the back fingerprint look, for me the note8 Has better look.

    And the look of note9 almost the same as note8, won't make much difference.

  14. Carlos Gomez says:

    Really want this but the Note 10 will probably be 5g compatible, and since it's the 10, it will probably have something really great

  15. Wilhelm Decker says:

    Not worth the mother fuckin upgrade

  16. hundio88 says:

    I would love to have the note 9 but I'm still good with my s9+ for now.

  17. wassim737 says:

    I am keeping my note 5 that i bought the first day it went out 3 years ago. Still works flawlessly, in mint condition, fast and reliable. I will buy a new note when they stop with the glass back cover that leaves fingerprints. It sucks to have a cover on this beautiful phone because of the back cover.

  18. Jay 'Ontario says:

    I agree…my Note 8 is still a great smartphone. Just like they told me last year

  19. Unwene says:

    Note 8 until the Note 9 comes in Midnight Black 🤷🏽‍♂️

  20. Chuck Williams says:

    Same shit just different spec.

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