Samsung Galaxy Note 9 vs. Note 8: Should You Upgrade?

Thinking of upgrading from the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 to the Note 9, or trying which one to buy? Lisa Gade compares Samsung’s two high end flagship big screen phones with pens, and presents you with both sides (or hats!).
Watch our Samsung Galaxy Note 9 review:
Watch our Samsung Galaxy Note 8 review:

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20 Responses to “Samsung Galaxy Note 9 vs. Note 8: Should You Upgrade?”

  1. Tony Paine says:

    Went from s7 to note9 512gb so far love it only thing it's $1.500. In Australia

  2. Ernest Charles III says:

    not worth the extra 200 to 300

  3. Melissa Wolfer says:

    Lisa, thank you for your consistently thorough reviews. Your YouTube videos are always fun and informative. You have probably mentioned this in a video, but I'm going to ask anyways … do you use two phones or just one and what do you use? I love my iPhoneX, but I'm tempted to get the Note 9 for work using my Google Voice number. Thanks in advance.

  4. uutuber431 says:

    You shouldn't ever buy a Samsung phone when they first come out. They don't retain their value at all.

  5. George Isenhart says:

    I'm still thinking about it. Would love the Note 9 but is it doable? Note 8 is still a beast, I have only killed the battery on it once but it took a while and a lot of use.

  6. Hugh Sharkey says:


    The Google Home Max has just been released in the UK, could you review this?

  7. Tiger25NYC Brooklyn says:

    Should I get the mate 10 pro or the note 8

  8. Bryan Miller says:

    Helped me very MUCH-NEEDED on the pipe it's good for the head?

  9. Muhammad Daniel says:

    Who else is watching on the Note 2?

  10. Roberto Erb says:

    OMG half life 2 hat!! I'm still waiting for hf3 😡 and a Cobol t-shirt! Wow I learned Cobol and Pascal in the late 70's early 80's. And about the phones I had the note 4 and loved it till it stop working, have pixel 2 XL and can't complaint. Waiting to see the 3XL or might go back to Samsung and get the Note 9. Thanks.

  11. La4edimension says:

    Half life 2 yay!

  12. High Noon Boi says:

    Im ready to unleash the molten core.

  13. Jorge Escobar says:

    Management retired the last COBOL machine years ago, so … I don't have COBOL anymore.

  14. Matt Franklin says:

    I'm still paying off the Note 8!

  15. Sebastian Misztal says:

    Cool CAT!

  16. bestamerica says:

    not like both note 8 and note 9…
    both doesnt has a slide in / slide out typewriting board same as EPIC = MYTOUCH = QWERTY…
    also sidekick 4G lite…

  17. SpinSpin2020 says:

    Great video! You are very knowledgeable!
    Perhaps you can help me with a Note 8 issue. I am trying to film a video using my Note 8. I have filmed it at least 8 times now. I am filming it in a horizontal format. I am holding the phone horizontally!!! When I am finished it flips to vertical. I am extremely frustrated. A couple of times I did a test and it worked fine. When I did the real film it flipped. WHY? Can anyone tell me please? I've never had this happen before. Help, please help! lol thanks

  18. Ahmed Balkiny أحمد البلقينى says:

    You're super cool, speaks so fast and so clear, gives the all view, and not judging any of the phones, you're smart and full of power, god bless you, thank you for make me save my money

  19. Majdi Hamowi says:

    And she forgot to mention the note 9 has duel speakers and a Bluetooth stylus pen.

  20. John TL says:

    So there's close to no difference..I never use my camera anyways no need for all memory I'm very happy with the note 8 I'll just wait till the note 10. Hopefully they will have slide up.screens with button keyboards again

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