Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Review – Next Big Thing, Finally Here!

This is the Samsung Galaxy Note 9… You know, it’s funny. We spent years hearing Samsung repeating the catch phrase – The Next Big thing is here, and then failing to deliver. This Samsung Galaxy Unpacked mentioned nothing… No overhyped catch phrases… No gimmicks. Heck, we even saw products announced that we weren’t briefed on,.. and yet this is the first time that I actually feel the “Next big thing is here.” I’m Jaime Rivera with Pocketnow, and this is our review of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9.


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20 Responses to “Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Review – Next Big Thing, Finally Here!”

  1. Ruben Chavez says:

    Good job by Samsung, still I prefer iOS and will be getting the XS Max.

  2. Jonathan Elliott says:

    I've heard a lot of reviewers mention that Bixby has a lot of issues with their voice or doesn't work. At least for me it works great.

  3. Álvaro Agraz says:

    It's good to see someone appreciating just how good the camera on the Note 9 is.

  4. darren j says:

    I like the phone but i struggle with the watch due to missing apps which is a shame and the updates were woefull with the note 8 so i moved to an IPhone which again isn’t perfect here’s hoping for a good android watch

  5. Ali Rizvi says:

    Great review

  6. Some random guy says:

    This video looks really sexy
    Nice job Jaime

  7. Liam Wilson says:

    I love my note 9 the blue looks classy id say it beats iphone xs max hands down what you get for the money in comparison yea cant say nout bad

  8. asturides says:

    It has all the bells and whistles, including the super useful (and not expensive) 3.55mm headphone jack

  9. Dalim Mont says:

    Late af. Almost a month into mine.

  10. Aditya Kumar says:

    Love your reviews!

  11. Joao Redol says:

    Please don't call this a phone. It's a computer.

  12. Yasalwish Humanti says:

    Samsung is crap 💩 the same gimmicks every year

  13. R Johnson says:

    I'm Hccchaaaaaime Brrrrrriiiiiivvvvverrrrrra

  14. Ana Stojevska says:

    Samsung 😍

  15. Alexander Xavien says:

    Have watched this video on my Note 9. Great phone! Unlike an ugly and less useful last iPhone versions.

  16. Peter V says:

    Outstanding review – thank you!

  17. Andrew Rng17582 says:

    Hopefully project treble will get either beta program quicker or update….but that's if Verizon gets their head outta their ass

  18. Fabian Fragoso says:

    I love this phone, battery is amazing, it's 12.02 am and still rocking 30%, unplugged it at 8 am. LOVE IT!

  19. Carlos Garrido says:

    Love they note 9 it feels the diferrence from the note 8 love it ❤️

  20. Eli Garcia says:

    Same old crap every year. And you suckers keep buying it for a premium price

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