Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Review – It’s Almost Too Good

How do we measure the worth of a ,000 phone? Is it in the features it packs? The build quality and design? The battery life or the performance? Samsung checks all the boxes, and then a few you might not have even thought of, with the Galaxy Note 9, a phone that truly is almost too good to be true. Is it really worth a minimum of ,000 though? Find out in our review, and check out the camera review too!

Camera Review:

We used the Good Lock 2018 app, found in the Galaxy Apps Store, to customize the Note 9 in this video. This is a collection of official Samsung apps used to customize Samsung phones running the latest Samsung Experience skin. The Note 9 features a number of unique customizations that other Samsung phones don’t (at the time of this writing).

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20 Responses to “Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Review – It’s Almost Too Good”

  1. T From Tha Six says:

    Great phone, I almost switched back to Android for the Note 9 alone. The things a powerhouse, no fanboyism over here, I can appreciate a good phone when I see one.

  2. m_harch says:

    Thanks for mentioning the signal issue. I always have an issue with my Samsung phones signal. Especially TMO versions. I can stand right next to someone with a different device on TMO and they have a signal and I won't. Very disappointing.

  3. OrateX says:

    Whats the customization app name??? I can't find Good Lock or whatever

  4. Midnight Austin says:

    u know what makes it seems like it's worth it? it's becuz iphone with lower specs and function cost even more, samsung note 9 price is to much but still compare to iphone people will not be complainning that much

  5. To Infiniti and beyond!!! says:



    Holy batman did you just place that on the pavement @ 2:09

    Also you looked nervous @ 3:16

  7. Marilyn Perez says:

    Love my note 9 . It amazing

  8. Steve Bergman says:

    Thus far, Samsung has, indeed, forced US buyers to compromise on the color of their phones: Lavender-Purple, and Ocean Blue with a fluorescent banana yellow S Pen. What were they thinking??? Cloud Silver just became available at Best Buy last Friday. And Midnight Black FINALLY becomes available this Friday.

  9. mblacksenior says:

    Where did you go for those app switchers.

  10. don taylor says:

    I'm probably the only one whom owns an note 9 but never use the s pen.

  11. SimplyRobSmith says:

    Your signal problem is T-Mobile not the phone.

  12. Muhammad Yasir says:

    Your voice made me to sleep 😂

  13. BenGameD says:

    where do I find the settings for the coloring in German?

  14. Zen Guitar Studio says:

    Note 9 won phone of the year by Consumer Reports!!! Nuff said

  15. menarge williams says:


  16. menarge williams says:

    this phone is a BEAST.

  17. menarge williams says:

    this phone is crazy good, outstanding to have.

  18. menarge williams says:

    the best phone in the industry.

  19. menarge williams says:

    big samsung galaxy note 9 fan

  20. menarge williams says:

    this phone is worth the cost of buying.

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