Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Review

Reviewing the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Discussing the features, camera, things I love, things I hate, and more.

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20 Responses to “Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Review”

  1. Prince Ali says:

    8 words. It is better than the iphone in customizability!

  2. Cyrin says:

    Excellent review. Thank you so much!

  3. joe kh says:

    what about Note 10 ?

  4. NueTouch Technologies LLC says:

    It's a supercomputer in the palm of your hand…$1000.00….awesome deal!

  5. Angela Stanford says:

    Well done. That is all.

  6. linkingaj says:

    What if you spend $400 on camera, $400 for headphone and DAC and $200 for mobile!

  7. All lives Matter says:

    I have to say it I'm starting to hate my note 9. It seriously pisses me off when I'm just trying to do basic things like texting or trying to put an address in to my phone it wants to do other things the voice to text is like slow my LG was much faster I had an LG V10 and then I had an LG V20 and and LG V30 and never had those problems. But maybe I've used LG for too many years and I've never used a Samsung phone ever not even once so maybe it takes a little bit of getting used to but as it sits I'm like it's too much phone.
    Or maybe it's the operating system and I'm just not used to that at any rate I have no idea because I just wanted to buy a phone that I thought would last more than 4 years so I went ahead in sprung for the $1000 price tag

  8. GEE CEE says:

    I could hang out with this girl all damn day. I just subbed – Very informative review, and your laid back style got me!

  9. C Jay says:

    Excellent review 👍 I'm on the fence between this and iPhone XR. you 99.56% swayed me to get this soon. I'm worried about Samsung lag tho. Thank you again.

  10. Brian Stepp says:

    It is an AMAZING device

  11. Quad Eye says:

    No its note 10!!!!!!!

  12. aNOther3quenSEA says:

    Not sure if you will read this, but would you buy the note 9 at a discount price at black friday, or would you wait for all screen phones like the s10 and note 10?

  13. Liam Wilson says:

    I love the size I couldn't ever go back to a small screen phone it does sometimes get awkward but I got used to it

  14. Robert Mills says:

    Thank you for a true and honest review of the Note 9. Guess I'll be taking this iPhone Xr back tomorrow and grabbing one lol! I should have kept it in the first place

  15. Tony Harris says:

    Let's get it! Oooh child, on the edge of the table style you're living dangerously!

  16. Tristin Barnes says:

    Love this phone, I have the Note 9 in black, this phone is extremely hot, it's the hottest phone on the market

  17. Sahebzada Qazi Arshavin Quraishi says:

    I bought my Samsung Galaxy Note 9 five days ago, it's a greay smartphone.
    Playing heavy games, watching videos, capturing pictures, downloading videos, talking with buddies all day long by my Note 9!
    But hey, it has a magnificently powerful battery which never die!
    40% of the battery life will be remained end of the day after doing all these heavy stuffs!

  18. Tony Berardi says:

    Thank you for your great review. I just bought the Note 9 and I love it.

  19. jordan zitt says:

    Love the video.

  20. The UnMellow Fellow says:

    Okay, you got me… Dash or Flash you reeled me in. Keep it up!! 🙂

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