Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Review!

After using the new Samsung Galaxy Note 9 extensively, here is my full review! See if the full featured Galaxy Note 9 lives up to the 00 price tag! Subscribe for more:

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20 Responses to “Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Review!”

  1. great.commentator says:

    why spend time and money designing an esthetically pleasing phone only to be always covered in a protective casing. Why not just produce phones that have a protective outer shell as they roll out of the factory??? SMH

  2. Choonyan Ong says:

    Now note 8 have emoji and super slow function !and having fun playing with the emoji create my face into emoji yay ! A all rounder just got fun with the phone !

  3. Mandeep singh Makker says:

    Samsung needs to work on live focus as it overexposes the subject.

  4. Mandeep singh Makker says:

    For features Note 9
    For camera iphone xs

  5. TacoS WoRLd says:

    It looks like the s9 what’s so special about it?

  6. mtk_fresh it says:

    im getting this phone for my birthday in 2 weeks cant wait

  7. Racie Mannino says:

    Pixel 2 xl or Samsung note 9

  8. Kaylah Lyburtus says:

    I love your keyboard on desktop 😍 🌈

  9. pradip jamatia says:

    My mobile note 9. 512Gb

  10. David Humphrey says:

    I like your desktop setup. Where can I find that keyboard and mouse?

  11. Suprxne 2003 says:

    Ditched my lg stylo and prepaid for the note 8

  12. planbrb says:

    Great review! I love the 9!

  13. Birax James says:

    I love s9 note 9 and my s8 plus,

  14. OB Jackson says:

    Exchanged the xs max for this one .. Best decision ever…

  15. Amber's Peace Of Mind says:

    Just ordered mine today! I was already excited to have this phone. Now i can't wait for FED Ex to come. Lol.

  16. Marvin 99 says:

    Ditch my iPhone X and got this beastly Note 9. 😎

  17. Andre Wei says:

    Tim , you are so cute

  18. Daniel Yang says:

    I used my new Note 9 for two days and now I'm back to Note 8. First it has larger batter for longer use. Second S-Pen w/Bluetooth capabilities and Third not much of difference from Note 8! Fourth No SideSync for Note 9!!! I don't care about Dex because I have to have separate monitor, Keyboard and Mouse but SideSync can be used on Windows 10 while I use My PC and the Note 8 on same screen. I can use it as almost same at phone in my hand except S-Pen (on PC Monitor) LOL but on Note 8. I'll donate my note9 to my Mother and she will love it since she had Note 4 forever! 4K display? I have 34" 4K monitor! If you have Note 5 (I had Note 5 to 7 and another 7 to S7 to Note 5 to Note 8 and now Not so impressive Note 9) it will be a big improvement with 512gb internal and optional 512gb MicroSDCard that Samsung doesn't even have it yet! LOL!

  19. Keir Reece says:

    I Still Waiting Samsung Galaxy Note10 Next Year.

  20. AlexDroog71 says:

    I dropped my note 8 today. The screen is cracked all up the side. There is a horizontal line about 1/3 of that way down and the screen flickers. The most destructive drop I ever had.

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