Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Review

Bonkers storage, monster battery, new tricks. But is it ready for a 5G world?

For more on the Galaxy Note 9, head to CNET:

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20 Responses to “Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Review”

  1. Mike Benjamin says:

    Note 9 is king I unsubed because c net bias.

  2. Prince Agartha says:

    I would rather pay a $1000 for a note 9 which comes with a headphone jack, fast charging, a bigger battery than to get a overpriced piece of crap Xs Max or whatever is announced , Apple does away all the essentials and now they are no longer providing even the dongle for the 2018 iphones . Apple iphone are really a garbage and I am getting rid of mine soon.

  3. Ken G says:

    Wow, you don’t know jack about technology lady. You shouldn’t be reviewing it!

  4. John jsmit says:

    For all you Samsung Sheep below , think on this …. Whilst hating on ANYTHING negative re Samsung , Apple is living rent free in your tiny little brains .

  5. Selvin C says:

    Dont care wht shes N9 is my baby cant wait till arrival time at the front door !

  6. Waka Tipu says:

    Everything is but……

  7. Henry Adelemoni says:

    May be she is not aware that most part of iPhone is made by Samsung

  8. Carlos Gomez says:

    Why not wait for the Note 10 that will be 5G compatable? Nobody is talking about 5G compatablity and its coming out soon. In a year you will be kicking yourself in the ass, wishing you waited for the note 10

  9. wildbry says:

    this lady talk sh%t

  10. joe d says:

    Not worth the price

  11. Doudymac says:

    1:08 when reaching for the touchscreen requires way too much of an effort… 🙄

  12. U K says:

    I have a note 8 and honestly except of the bigger battery other stuff is noth worth upgrading for. Everything else is allready perfect. Plus the note 8 is thinner

  13. Brent Jones says:

    cnet is biased now

  14. LBee says:

    We don't have 5G networks yet, so…

  15. xTheShady1x says:

    Top notch(less)

  16. no name says:

    Apple sucks now and forever 😎

  17. TheDxbsam says:

    I tried it yesterday it has cheap plastic look. Bixby is dump and I compared photo search on both my Note 5 and note 9 trying to find photos with yellow color it didn't work on 2 out of 3 note 9 displayed at Samsung showroom.
    The S pen looks cheap compared to note 5. They removed the protection around the camera to make it thin in comparison to note 8. The phone is easily can be scratched 🙁

  18. Faisal Ilham says:

    Omg i want it but i can buy it

  19. WizeGuyDezignz says:

    CNET is trash. And this "reviewer" is garbage.

  20. M. Bison says:

    "Remember the note 9 is an investment phone. Something you are gonna wanna hold onto for years…"

    Or until the next better version comes out.

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