Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Review

Lisa Gade reviews Samsung’s fabulous phablet for 2018: the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. This year the 6.4” display is even bigger and better, the battery significantly higher in capacity, the S Pen yellow and doubles as a remote, and the price tag is higher than ever. The Note 9 runs Android 8.1 Oreo on the Snapdragon 845 or Exynos 9810 CPU and it’s available in two configurations: 6GB RAM with 128GB storage for 9 and 8GB RAM with 512GB storage for ,249. The phone inherits the Samsung Galaxy S9+ dual aperture rear dual 12MP camera setup, faster facial recognition, an easier to reach rear fingerprint scanner and Samsung DeX support via HDMI cable (no dock required).
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20 Responses to “Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Review”

  1. Spooky Jinx says:

    Love your reviews and I’m with you . . . . methinks the Bluetooth on the S Pen is more of a gimmick which many will not use after the buzz.

  2. Ivan Johnson says:

    The S pen remote function would be good for portable power point presentations if the battery life was better. Hopefully they'll open the API up enough for 3rd party remotes.

  3. Shady Mohamed says:

    we hate ur hair look

  4. soumya gupta says:

    were u in the cast of big bang theory🤣🤣

  5. R X says:

    Why is it I feel it’s ugly 🤔

  6. FaerieDust says:

    I'm really not a fan of the size – I wish it was wider. Since the S9 Plus is basically this size anyway, I think it would've made sense to go for a wider display – that would help a lot with productivity work, at least for me. Easier to read and annotate PDFs, if nothing else.

  7. Anish Bose says:

    What about battery life??

  8. Horace Brewer says:

    Trump’s tariffs are why we not getting black Note 9s. Throw that bum in prison with his friends.

  9. Horace Brewer says:

    No one uses wired headphones in 2018. I have had Fortnite for iOS for like a year😴. Good review though. I still didn’t bother to update from my S8+ yet. Waiting till next year to see what Sammy does. Yeah I’m like Mace Windu I use the light and the dark, Apple/Samsung.

  10. HarD TarGeT says:

    Phabulous phablet of 2018 🔥😎

  11. laikaspod says:

    Great review!

  12. Στέλιος Κόκορης says:

    What a screen!!! What a phone!!! Biger and better than the note 8!!!!!!

  13. Derek Bowe, Jr. says:

    That was the absolute smoothest ad placement lol, and the charging cable is such a well-executed idea!

  14. David Sanders says:

    Just wondering if you are working/planning on reviewing the Tab S4. There are many things that the current reviews just don't mention, like can I charge it while connected to a monitor/tv, if it supports uhs-ii storage (The Galaxy Book oddly doesn't) and what the battery life, s-pen experience, etc is like. You are my favorite YouTuber when it comes to mobile devices, so I am really looking forward to your review. Thanks for all the great videos thus far.

  15. kcmn00 says:

    Does anyone with the note actually use the 's pen extensively? I barely use the pen anymore

  16. No Name says:

    Watching on an S9+

  17. Toni Fasth says:

    WOW! 1050nits? The display on my Note8 already hurt my eyes when cranked up to max. I think this one needs to be used with a welding mask at hand. 😜

    Great review!

  18. Sean Lewis says:

    Would you say the s9+ is basically the note 9 without the s pen

  19. Ring Bearer says:

    Jerry tech tips/ linus/ and mobile tech tips are best tech channels on the cloud.

  20. Robert Hawtin says:

    Hi. I appreciate the need for sponsorship but this one was, I felt, getting a bit long, even if nicely woven in as reported below. In the end I skipped over some of it. BobUK.

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