Samsung Galaxy Note 9 – REAL Day in the Life!

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Want to know what it’s like to use the new Samsung Galaxy Note 9? In this episode we check out the new s-pen, performance, fortnite gameplay, the dual cameras, battery life and more! Want to see a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 vs iPhone X or Samsung Galaxy Note 9 vs S9+ video? Let me know with a comment below.

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20 Responses to “Samsung Galaxy Note 9 – REAL Day in the Life!”

  1. Clarence Leung says:

    I will get my note 9 soon. Thanks for your review. By the way I love your Metal Build Strike lol

  2. Luke Luke says:

    Great video man! Subbed

  3. Babar Iqbal says:

    I'm still using iphone 5 works just fine no need to spend 1000 $$ on a phone

  4. Cristy Cornejo says:

    This are my fave videos

  5. Shawkat Alam says:

    Where from I can get that wallpaper??

  6. john ildine orquejo says:

    Dude you can fckin disable the bixby smh. 🙄

  7. chua boonsim says:

    6hrs sot is not really impressive unless it is for QHD
    1080p only 6hrs really sucks consider the battery size is 4000 mah

  8. Daniel Stransky says:

    Not gonna lie–I'm considering getting this phone. I got my first Android phone last year (Galaxy S8), after spending 8 or 9 years with an iPhone. The Note 9 seems pretty cool, but I'll probably want to find it on a deal through my carrier, as opposed to paying the full $40 a month for the phone. I'm just peeved that I can't upgrade until the 1st since the preorder deal Sprint had ended yesterday. ☹️

  9. Bboy Tyby says:

    Yes keep headphone jack

  10. Tyler Maxton says:

    Intelligent scan is way better than face recognition.

  11. Mufarreh Alshammary says:

    Imagine the S pen with 3 configurable buttons just like the one on normal headphone. Being able to pause/play, Volume up/down, Prev/Next Track AND … Hold for Google assistant with built in Mic !!!!!

  12. Bernard M. Jordan-Lambert says:

    Face recognition wants to recognize your entire face minus your cap/hat. It only took me 2 days to figure this out.

  13. Jessy Garcia says:

    Watching it on my note 9 i got yesterday 😊

  14. MegasXLR says:

    13:37 a screen display? :')

  15. khairi shah says:

    This is cool and all but what's the name of that sweet wallpaper?!?!

  16. Sushin says:

    New intro video !!

  17. steve kno says:

    One plus has that instant face unlock but faceid and Samsung’s iris scanner are safer and can be used for payment verification.

  18. todor92 says:

    Damn your reviewes are so nice! Thumbs up dude!

  19. I'm dumb says:

    im very happy about the note 9. the s-pen is definetely the most useful one. surprising how the quality of the camera is very good and storage goes up to 1tb. now i want it because of the galaxy skin. its the rarest one in fortnite 😂😂 but i dont deserve it im a noob lol. anyways, its a masterpiece. 👏 samsung did a good job with this one

  20. Yvonne Shefke says:

    Very generous.

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