Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Official Trailer Video Leaked + Release Date

Samsung has accidentally leaked the official Samsung Galaxy Note 9 trailer video which has identified a few of the powerful Note 9 features. Let’s dive in and discover more.

Watch Note 9 vs Note 8:

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20 Responses to “Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Official Trailer Video Leaked + Release Date”

  1. Bob Haggan says:

    I am thinking of changing from iPhone to note 9. How will it work with my MacBook air and iPad?

  2. Kaka Rethinho says:

    Find x is more attractive

  3. solo says:

    I'll get it, battery is reasonable!!

  4. Mark Jackson says:

    Looks like it will be another great phone. I’m excited about the bigger battery. With that being said, I’ll hold onto my Note 8 until the next (10) version.

  5. Melissa Hannah says:

    More storage would be much appreciated .

  6. Hakki Eyiip says:

    Samsung, Note 9 ile birlikte FENERBAHÇELİ olduğunu açıkladı. 😀 💛💙

  7. Mohsin Khan says:

    Best phone 👍

  8. Gregory Womack says:

    I have the Note 5 and I will be upgrading to the Note 9

  9. Rene Mazariego says:

    Can someone please tell me what the name of the background song is?

  10. Dolby Nguyen says:

    Let's just hope the note 9 does not become a note 7 again

  11. Kavin Williams says:

    There are no accidents don't you get that

  12. Desert Style says:

    Cant wait to get that note 9. Any idea when it available here in cali. Or will I have to wait longer

  13. Steve C says:

    Apple will probably not even release a 512 GB version for years
    Well done Samsung

  14. Romario Arrondell says:

    Where can I get a Samsung 512GB Memory card? The highest I see is 256GB where can I find and buy it? Is the 512GB even out yet? And I can't wait wait for this phone to come out

  15. markothevrba says:

    A terabyte of memory? Dam son, I remember when you were a beast if you had 512MB when all your friends had 128

  16. divbuster says:

    I have the note 8 and wasn't planning on getting the 9. After watching the trailer though…….. Tempting…….

  17. Sadia Carone says:

    Thanks for the great video. I have a Note8 and am eager to upgrade to the Note9. Why?? Well…

    The Otterbox for my Note8 did not come with a screen protector. The one I bought doesn't fit inside my Otterbox, it just sits on top of my phone. And yes, it fell off once. (It is held on with adhesive, it does NOT fit inside the Otterbox case.)

    My Note8 is a great phone. It feels like Samsung rushed to get the 8 out, to divert attention from the "exploding phone" fiasco. With the Note9, I will expect Otterbox and other 3rd parties to up their game and provide adequate protection.

  18. MrRgarcia112 says:

    I have the note 8 and looks like there is no reason to upgrade to note 9 I can do all the things I want with my current phone.

  19. metv1221 says:

    I most likely will upgrade to N9, have N8. I never really buy anything tech wise day one, unless is massive break – thru in technology and I won't to hurry up and experience it, regardless of flaws. I'll most likely let it go thru first few firmware/software/update patches/fixes and or until the first wave of production is gone and they start shipping 2nd batch. This is my way of not having problems with my tech. So maybe December/January I'll pick one up. Plus this way, I get to watch a ton of YouTube new feats, tips and tricks, pro and con videos. So I can hit the ground running when I get one. Thank for the video.

  20. From News says:


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