Samsung Galaxy Note 9 hands-on

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is a big bet for Samsung. Once again, a Note phone touts its battery as one of the main features. But there are some new changes, like making the S Pen a remote, using AI in the dual-camera system, and support for DeX by just plugging in a cable.


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20 Responses to “Samsung Galaxy Note 9 hands-on”

  1. The Verge says:

    Would you spend $1,249 on a Note 9?

  2. Aldrin Mar Jalog says:

    What??? Water cooling

  3. TsikUp says:

    Guys can one cool guy do me a favour and send me a message on instagram i want to ask a serious question about note 9. Contact me giorgos_tsikz

  4. Kevin Gonzales says:

    i just want this phone for the GALAXY SKIN in FORTNITE 😂

  5. Mr Yellow says:

    Y hands on y not feet on ?

  6. Yoshi Florida says:

    4K recording time is just 5min… This is a big problem for Samsung phone. (Sony did fix this problem)

  7. Technical Praver says:

    If u want full details about this phone in hindi see this:-

  8. Mike Byrd says:

    For. such a premium phone why dosnt it have a front camera flash. my J7 PRO has front and back flashes. Samsung haven't thought this note out enough.

  9. Marq's Gaming Station says:

    You forgot about the slightly larger screen and thinner bezels.

  10. ARSHAD BAIG says:

    Upgrades in S-pen are truly remarkable and with 4000 mah battery what more can we can expect. But price is a deal breaker 😞😞😞😞.

  11. ravi kiran says:

    Stefan love from India

  12. Indranil Roy says:

    MKBHD of the The Verge!

  13. Hussein Nour says:

    I dont play Fortnite 2:00

  14. Matthew Cooper says:

    Why isn’t their a black Note 9 in the US market? That is stupid!

  15. KingSam says:

    $1000? Nope I'll buy it next year for $500.

  16. Firdaus Izam says:

    Marcus Rashford!

  17. Taha Qureshi says:

    Fortnite on android?

  18. Itzmee_Albert says:

    Bullshit rushed product. Note 9 is pretty much Note 8. Note 8 is Note 7. Note 7 is just a mild upgrade of a Note 5. Pitiful. Would you spend $1,249 for ~5-10% chipset performance increment?

  19. Lyrical00Messiah says:

    I can tell he doesn’t go to a black barbershop lmao.

  20. LT XxSALTYxX says:

    I want this phone since I miss having my note 7

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