Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Unboxing & Overview (Indian Unit)

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Unboxing & Overview this is the India Unit running on Exynos 8895 Octa Core processor it has a 6.3″ SAMOLED Infinity Display 6GB RAM, 64 GB Storage a dual 12MP rear facing camera with OIS and a 8MP front facing camera and of-course it a Note so we get the S-Pen with some new tricks.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is sold online in India via Amazon

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20 Responses to “Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Unboxing & Overview (Indian Unit)”

  1. Geekyranjit says:

    FAQ Video on Samsung Galaxy S8 Note that answers the most common questions

  2. Binoy Singh says:

    For me this is the most comfortable position for fingerprint sensor

  3. M Viv says:

    Much better than tech guru.

  4. Vijayalakshmi Viji says:


  5. Amazing Pals says:

    64 GB ram ?

  6. Yash Talur says:

    Very good you turned the 6gb to 64gb very great stupid act

  7. Rock William says:

    Hindi Hindi Hindi me bol be

  8. Techno House says:

    There is mistKe in specification in video…its not 64 gb ram

  9. naved rahman says:

    Did u get it for free.for unboxing

  10. Ja n says:

    How mach Thailand money ???

  11. Bala murugan.D says:

    Do we have dark theme by default?

  12. Arun V Wariyar says:

    Indian sim card only?

  13. Digvesh Jain says:

    in d indian retail unit v cn use abroad sim card(indian sim + abroad sim), plz reply urgently….

  14. Mustapha Tanimu says:

    I dont know why they lack regular updates

  15. Mustapha Tanimu says:

    I dont know why they lack regular updates

  16. Abhishek shankhwar says:

    AS YOU CAN SEE 😝😝😝😝😝😜😜😜

  17. Hashin Hadhil says:

    super Samsung Galaxy note 8 mobile phone super

  18. Kaiser Ali says:

    This phone is beast

  19. Jairaj Ukkath says:

    Sir does the mobile get heated up when it is kept for charging..? is it normal this happens..please let me know.

  20. The Modish Guy -Tech and Gamming says:

    4:46 u have shown 64 gb ram wah..!!!!

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