Samsung Galaxy Note 8 After The Buzz: Still worth it?

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Even if most products get forgotten by the media after their review period, there are a few that stand out. Gadgets that people still ask about months later. Some that we even decide to hold on to as daily drivers, and that we get to see age over time. The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is one of them… The king of phablets is almost due for a refresh, so if you’re wondering if it’s still worth buying months later, this video is for you. I’m Jaime Rivera with Pocketnow, and it’s time for another episode of After The Buzz.


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20 Responses to “Samsung Galaxy Note 8 After The Buzz: Still worth it?”

  1. bioroid09 says:

    I can't wait to upgrade my Note 1 to the Note 9 😍

  2. Jordan Knowlton says:

    I’m hcocyic c cycy c

  3. Proraptor says:

    Love my note 8

  4. jesse m says:

    I love my note8 it runs my games so much better then the POS J3 i had

  5. Not Real says:

    Picked one up on the EBay sale for 462$ international unlocked

  6. Yash Dabhi says:

    no phone are perfect!!!

  7. Rahul Khatavkar says:

    I love my note 8

  8. Eric Dillon says:

    This guy sounds like Peter King

  9. K Black says:

    I've had mine for almost a year now and I'm going to have to admit that I do not think that it's worth $1, 000. I think it's better priced at about $400. It does some things very well, but there are a lot of little issues here and there that make it very frustrating and annoying.

  10. Chad Akins says:

    I've had all types of phones being one of those tech loving people. I just keep going back to the Note series. I am however going to pass on the 9 for now. I really want to see what RED has to offer and I am also extremely excited to see what Samsung has up their sleeve for the foldable phone. Don't jump the gun Note8 users. Our phones are still great.

  11. Thomas Price says:

    People know all about the phone before they buy it. It's a big phone. So idk how that's a surprise ha

  12. J Pr8r says:

    Well, im getting one on payday for my birthday (tmrw, lol) and anything and everything beats my j7.

  13. Alex Gallegos says:

    I got this one for $310 dollars on eBay! Without the s pen though. GO ME ANYWAY:D

  14. Adrian A. says:

    Only thing wrong with my note 8 is screen burn but that maybe could be on me having my screen brightness almost all the way up. However it's really bad. But I have my brightness a little more than half now and haven't had any issues. I love this phone though. The next note I get I'll be sure not to have my brightness up so far so I avoid the one issue.

  15. Winter's Flames says:

    3:384:20 Pm xD yesssss

  16. eurosonly says:

    The best way to get a good deal on a phone is to buy one generation behind. Plus, this being an adnroid phone it will devalue really fast a few months later after it comes out so you stand to gain a great deal as time goes on.

  17. eurosonly says:

    This phone lasts me up to two days. You're doing it wrong.

  18. eurosonly says:

    Great phone but I hate waiting half a year for the newest android release. Plus, this phone only has one more os version coming to it before the company drops support for it. That is the worst part about owning a Samsung phone and it always has been.

  19. sarbada varun says:

    I have a Note 8. I like it a lot, especially the screen and the S-Pen. Recently, I see that the phone is not able to multi-task well. For instance, when the google maps app is running, launching the camera is very slow (at least 3 to 4 secs). Did anyone experience such slowdowns?

  20. faisal amin says:

    awesome phone going strong almost 2 years later
    battery is bit of a headache but phone is simply irreplaceable

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