Samsung Galaxy Note 8 – A True User Review

After using the Note 8 for six full weeks as his daily driver, Eber describes his experience with one of the most expensive smartphones ever made. If you’re purchasing this in CAD… we’re sorry.

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20 Responses to “Samsung Galaxy Note 8 – A True User Review”

  1. Arnold Corriette says:

    You like man samsung galaxy phone is the fastest in the world

  2. Benutzer OWA says:

    cool review. thx

  3. Mustafa Sabeeh says:

    What’s the wallpaper

  4. Pranay Chadha says:

    can u send the link of the theme you applied on the note 8

  5. Alu James says:

    What icon pack is that?

  6. Force says:

    Song at 12:28 ?

  7. Ashish M says:

    It’s a battery guzzler. Other than that, I’m totally in love with my Note 8.

  8. Stan Chokoe says:

    I like everything else, but the edge screen I am not really getting the hang of it. I would love a note with the usual traditional screen from Note4

  9. Antony Apudo says:

    Sad the way reviewers can't be genuine in their phone reviews especially when reviewing Samsung n iPhone simply because the two phones are direct competitors of Pixel.
    Oh n the person who owns YouTube n pay Youtuber's happens to also own Pixel.

  10. TA PS says:

    The 'Ass'-pen? Please do tell me more! 😉

  11. muhammad jawad says:

    great video. plz wallpaper link

  12. Wel Bravo says:

    The note 8 camera is good just in outdoors

  13. lori thorpe says:

    I absolutely love my note 8 , my battery lasts pretty well , i get about 9 hours out of mine, & i really love the stylus , i use my stylus all the time , i use it for — taking screenshots , editing photos , doing sudoku & other games that are meant for the stylus in the samsung store , signing forms with an app , writing notes on the black screen ,& writing poetry in the samsung notes section, or translating words from utube , the list is endless lol , as for the lack of updates , it doesn't really bother , it's not that important to me , I've nearly had all the notes apart from note2 & 7 , & i really like the camera , & the fact that you can buy lenses & filters for them now , as you tell , I'm a Note Fan hahaha .

  14. Ghzayel Meera says:

    The background track when he start showing photos ?!?? Can any one give me the name please 💖😢😍

  15. Jordan Trae says:

    thank you for the tips, especially the bixby remapping. Have it now set to open google like the squeeze function does on my pixel 2 xl

  16. DV Gaming says:

    j so hard want to have note 8 just beacuse the s pen

  17. Maizatul Amirah says:

    May I know where to get that wallpaper?

  18. Celery Villamarin says:

    Just got the note 8. My previous phone was a note 3 (5 yr phone!) I love the stylus so I knew if I was going to get a new phone, there had to be a stylus. I have yet to explore the new stylus features of the note 8.

  19. Zeeshan Waseem says:

    Kindly do mention that what theme and widgets are using.

  20. Bullion Tooth says:

    I'm using the S5 still. It's slow and the battery sucks (even after replacing it). Also, it is horrible in somewhat cold weather (<50 degrees is no bueno). It overheats and the camera sucks.

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