Note 9 EXPLOSION Update! ….I Was Paid By Apple?

Note 9 EXPLOSION / FIRE Update! ….I Was Paid By Apple? After the unboxing, reviews after the buzz and hype etc and also one month use, the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has apparently according to Diane Chung caught fire / exploded! The Note 9 in the article catches fire in handbag of Diane Chung! Reviews are well under way for me comparing the camera, battery, display, s pen etc vs iPhone Xs max OnePlus 6 etc when this occurred!

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20 Responses to “Note 9 EXPLOSION Update! ….I Was Paid By Apple?”

  1. Nick Kubarycz says:

    You have some of the BEST TecSpec (New Word?) Videos out there. Outstanding Audio, Great Camera Angles, Cool Looking Graphics, and of Course Sincere, Timely, Informative Content (with a bit of humor thrown in). I have been following you for over a year and Looking forward to the day you hit 1 Million Subscriptions (almost 1/2 way there now).
    Just Keep on Doing What You Do….DESPITE the HATERS (Its easy when they hide behind a keyboard) – LOL

  2. Ned Murry says:

    Samsung – cram this video down the lying Apple beeeatchh! who claims it caught fire and she put it in water!

  3. Fab C says:

    Apple would do that. I knew it soon as i heard that apple could be behind it because theyre sore losers and know the note 9 has the headlines and is bottom line a better phone

  4. TripleAceAAA says:

    Wow. What a phone…it’s so good you don’t even need safety matches for your camping trip bro…

  5. Filipe Sá says:

    The 5 explanation could vê, She os charging the phone with a powerbank.

  6. Matthew Gaines says:

    There's a lot you don't but feel no hesitance in creating all kinds of speculation. First of all, it was not an explosion. Bombs explode. Phone undergo thermal runaways with can include fires and splattering of burning materials. Is there any real value to posting speculations when nothing is known by you? There are no legal restrictions regarding having or posting pictures publicly in a civil lawsuit unless some type of gag order is filed. Gag orders are not normal for civil lawsuits because of the very nature of civil suits. Probably there are pictures taken by the plantiff attorney and Samsung (due to discovery). That doesn't mean that they will be posted over the internet unless the plantiff wants to shame the defendant in the court of public opinion. If they are looking for a quick and quite payout, they could prefer not to post pictures. Or if something is weak in their case, they may also choose not to post pictures. Since we don't know, there is little to say.

  7. KidWorries GT says:

    Before yesterday an s9 exploded in iraq

  8. Jason Mahon says:

    Interesting!! I hope it's not true.

  9. Tabsir Ahmed says:

    man i like your watch. does anyone know which brand is that?

  10. Doggo says:

    So she was in a building with an elevator right… so for a civilian puts in a bucket which clearly mean she left the elevator which there is almost 100% cameras in the building… soo it's either she messed with the phone, it's a fake cheap one

  11. Ajax Khan says:

    Your voice so clear to me.

  12. Jansy 1984 says:

    im sorry brother is plain and simple Samsung Phones Sucks don't try finding a way around!

  13. akinbodeog says:

    Is this a stealth review of the Fake Note 9. It looks like a solid deal for $90. He'll, I'd buy one.

  14. Kaiden Artura says:

    Her phone was a fake. The real Samsung goes off with a spectacular bang, followed by emerging mini-rockets and multicoloured fireballs. The phone then completely vapourizes, so as not to leave any evidence.

  15. zenchestnuts says:

    The biggest problem I have with this story is, it's most likely completely fake, but it's doing serious damage! Nearly all the British online papers ran the story. Why not? The last one was huge. Most people won't go online to YouTube and get various opinions they'll just skip taking the risk and get…. The big iPhonex max…
    Also I've just thought this woman hasn't posted her story all over the media to make some money. Its all secretive. Let's find out where she launched her lawsuit. The actual office. Has Samsung responded?

  16. Thatz Razin says:

    Paid by Steve

  17. nuyou21 says:

    😂🙄 And you wonder why the twice recalled for exploding Note 7 is back on the market called the Fan Edition for dummies. 💥😂🤦‍♂️💯

  18. john avery says:

    I dont think ither of them is worth that much i l laugh at steve jobs saying its that price coz the smartphone has replaced the music player the camera all that crap go buy a samsung Galaxy s7 if thats all you need my g6 has good camara s plays music why pay £1000

  19. Husain Doodhwala says:

    Who keeps a bucket of water handy?

  20. DeadofWinter321 says:

    Yup. One of the latest and greatest excuses by Samsung sheep. You weren't using the phone correctly, the story is fake, or you're paid off by Apple to talk about this woman's Note 9 catching on fire. It actually happened too because she filed a lawsuit plus several news sources covered it. As soon as I heard, I returned the Note 9 I had pre-ordered (the camera was garbage anyway) and got the LG G7 ThinQ. I love this thing. 🙂

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