Is the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Worth It?

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is one of the most expensive smartphones of 2018 but is it worth it?
Galaxy Note 9 vs iPhone X with Dom Esposito:


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20 Responses to “Is the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Worth It?”

  1. Gadiel Morales says:

    When reviewing a phone, you can't take sides.. wondering if apple paid him lol

  2. Logan Emery says:

    what's a "hedfoan jac"?

  3. RED BEARD29 says:

    Wi don’t think it’s worth it it’s only worth it for the galaxy skin of Fortnite but Fortnite is dead now it’s black ops 4


    Nahh i dont think so…

    Nokia still has best internals amd externals and the best battle royale game ever….


  5. Lightning 1 says:

    What we think 50% android users pissed off
    30% people whomst agree 20%comments
    999.9% PISSED AT AUSTIN 1 % other

  6. LightenStar // TurboLighten says:

    Samsung Note 9x more beautiful than iPhone XS Max.

  7. Alpha says:

    Fuck you retard

  8. Alpha says:

    The iPhone xs max is not worth it

  9. xXShadowGamingXx says:

    Note 9 is better Apple fanboy -1sub

  10. Tech Lover says:

    Its more powerful than the iphone x the truth is here and apple without steve jobs is screwed

  11. Tech Lover says:

    Its more powerful than the iphone x the truth is here and apple without steve jobs is screwed

  12. Jack Richard says:

    I did pick up the Note9, better than the iPhone XS Max ma dude!

  13. Prithish s. v says:

    How day you to touch note 9

  14. Dj H says:

    Ya I would pick note 9
    Coz Samsung is the best android phone on market. And I don't like iOS devices. Soo it's Samsung

  15. Games in real Not fake says:


  16. Juan Guadarrama says:

    I just order my note 9.. My lg g6 was the worst phone i could ever had i just sucks.. Goign back to samsung

  17. THEFIRE360 says:

    so many butthurt andriod fans. like who cares, just use what you want?

  18. 𝓛𝓪𝓡𝓾𝓼𝓼𝓸 👑 says:

    thanks for the advice Logic

  19. J E F F R E Y says:

    Great video!!! And I love that even though the note 9 and fortnite are heavily marketed together, the video is sponsored by pubg😂

  20. Lil' Cat Burger says:

    It's a Fortnite advretised phone. LINK TO PUBG IN DESC

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