iPhone XS Max vs. Galaxy Note 9 Drop Test!

Drop test between Apple iPhone XS Max and Samsung Galaxy Note 9 to see which phone is more durable.

Drop test rankings: https://www.phonebuff.com/drop-test

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iPhone XS Max vs. Note 9 Drop Test!


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20 Responses to “iPhone XS Max vs. Galaxy Note 9 Drop Test!”

  1. PhoneBuff says:

    The bigger they are the harder they fall…

  2. Nb says:

    Hey, note 9's broken glass still looks as sexy. Not for XS MAX.

  3. Eduardo De Paul says:

    DUmbass who dials 911 you can just press and hold the side button and volume button to get the emergency call on

  4. GBLynden's RC says:

    There is no s at the end of anyway.

  5. Shobhit Mohan says:

    Plz make one plus 6 drop test

  6. Este guey dijo.... says:

    why not make more tests with more phones, then we can see a real winner.

  7. Nathan Jimenez says:

    Iphone 500 for back glass note 9 35 bucks

  8. SquishBangBlow says:

    The Apple costs about $600 to repair the rear glass. The Samsung is a 10th the cost to repair.

  9. XxXSniperEliteXxX Bobs Home furniture says:

    Honestly the better display and usefulness of the phones depends on the user. Personally I prefer iPhone and I love the iPhone XS Max and would take it any day over Samsung. Others may disagree on this or that on each phone but I think it is just what we personally like.

  10. ii_Beast77 Gaming says:

    Honestly durability on phones these days doesnt even exist anymore. I dont mind it anymore. I'll always have me a tech21

  11. LoganOnTheRun says:

    The most durable screen

  12. Noah K says:

    So your that lazy to drop theses phones by yourself?? 😂

  13. Wasif Mian says:

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  14. Maycon Douglas RF says:

    Bloody Hell! Note 9 is so fuuucking better than Xs Max

  15. HakeemPlaysGames says:

    Lol you don't even need to drop test eh Iphone its straight up shit that shit doesn't even charge properly

  16. M&W Official says:

    iphone xr vs note 9 speed test(who wants)

  17. Bader nony says:

    My God my salary only 1300 usd every month and you do this on i phone u know my phone Samsung s4 and keep all time in my pocket I'm scare broken screen 😔 my God what happen with people 😔

  18. Jay S says:

    Shouldn't the iPhone get a 3 out of 10 in R4?

  19. Sam Al Heid says:

    It costs $599 to replace the glass back on the iPhone…

  20. Jonathan Fan says:

    how much to fix them though

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