iPhone Xs MAX vs Galaxy Note 9 Comparison Review!

Both the iPhone Xs Max and Galaxy Note 9 are incredible phones, but is one better than the other? In this video, I review the essential difference between the iPhone Xs Max and the Galaxy Note 9. Let me help you decide which phone you should get!

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20 Responses to “iPhone Xs MAX vs Galaxy Note 9 Comparison Review!”

  1. GizmoSlipTech says:

    Battle of the two most expensive flagships ever! Which one did you pick? Let me know!! Also, doing some giveaways now… last chance to get in Note 9 giveaway!

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  2. Bryner Lee Young says:

    Click bait motherfucker you don't even have the phone.

  3. Games&Electronics G&E says:

    Benchmarks only tell 10% of the story

  4. Games&Electronics G&E says:

    In reality the A11 and SD845 in load times is 50 50

  5. Jessy Aidan says:


  6. Blackprince Mitzrayim says:


  7. Taloot B says:

    I feel like my note 8 can last another 5 years, just because I think phones are at there peak.
    What can possibly be added to make you spend another 1k every 1 to 2 yrs? Please name 2 thing worth 😂

  8. TheJoker says:

    you are useless and insane. this is sucha biased review. you are clearly a apple ass kisser.

  9. Acelynn And Julie 4-eva says:

    I hope I win the Giveaway! 😄

  10. Undesirable Gaming says:

    Ur such a fucking iphone users…..so biased

  11. Darin Ridgeway says:

    I got the Note 9 512GB on preorder, have been using it about 3 weeks and it's a beast! I personally can't see face I D working in the winter when I'm outdoors all day bundled up. The Bluetooth range on Samsung devices is phenomenal and I rely on BT daily. This whole comment was written on the N9 with the S-pen, a feature Apple can't touch either. I'm sure the A12 is faster, but simply won't work for me. I have had no stutters, flutters, or hiccups on Fortnite, or on anything and running Nova Launcher

  12. Andrew Louden says:

    How can you call the battery test even when you have no iPhone to test? Cannot take you seriously.

  13. Kennethggg_ says:

    The reason why people are saying Samsung is best is because they can’t afford an iPhone XS MAX

  14. 2Gunz Performance & Tuning says:

    anyone watching on a note 9 lol

  15. it'sjustacomment it'sjustacomment says:

    Your review was a waste

  16. DiddlieWinks says:

    I lose respect for youtubers with click baity thumbs and can't pronounce technology words correctly. Your a hack.

  17. Alexander Collins says:

    The wonderful thing about androids is all it takes is rooting your phone and then you can remove bloatware

  18. Holly Hsieh says:

    The iphone Xs' Cpu is so fast, that it can't even do a split screen…

  19. Josek0829 says:

    iPhone took out the headphone jack and sells it separately and that’s supposed to be okay🙄 reasons I hate iPhone

  20. Danial khan says:

    Strongest glass in the world. It must be bullet proof right?

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