iPhone X vs Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Apple iPhone X vs Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Full Comparison including hands-on Size, Design, Camera, Battery & Price

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iPhone X vs iPhone 8 Plus – Which should you buy? – https://youtu.be/fRQsBZ0ibzw

The iPhone 10 features a 5.8″ Super Retina OLED Display, Dual 12MP rear cameras with OIS, 7MP Selfie Camera and Face ID Scanner.

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20 Responses to “iPhone X vs Samsung Galaxy Note 8”

  1. lloyde turner says:

    i have the note 8 midnight black no branding other than the samsung word under the cameras and the regs as usual

  2. Cool man930 says:

    I saw a reply to a comment that basically said apple went for buttons onscreen and samsung are stuck on physical buttons, just look at the thumbnail, both have screen buttons…

  3. Mohammed Musa says:

    Apple should thank Samsung. Apple doesn’t even make their own phones 1. They buy the screen from Samsung. 2. They buy the chips from Samsung. 3. They buy the displays From SAMSUNG. APPLE ONLY DOES THE DESIGNS. APPLE SAYS” UR IPHONE IS BETTER THAN EVER IN THE ADD IM LIKE HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! PATHETIC. SAMSUNG DOES EVERYTHING.

  4. Kingzmen Athokpam says:

    I subscribed but i m confused with this two mobile phones

  5. SuperShibaDoge 420 says:

    Switching to samsung , iOS is so slow and I have 5 viruses, the batery lasts 1 hour and it’s super slow IPhone is hit ALL IPHONE USERS ARE FUCKING RETARDED SND HAVE A SMALL DICK SND ARE SUPID

  6. Emperor Palpatine says:

    No competition Note 8 is better.

  7. EPIC REVEAL says:

    This is what we say as a nice and decent complete comparison.

  8. Wubalem Bonse says:

    Waiting for note 9

  9. Jabari Lynch says:

    I like how samsung changes their phone design for every new phone instead of the same design that apple does.

  10. Jabari Lynch says:

    I love my note 8 i switched from iphone 5s. I love this infinity display. I like both companies i think both of them are doing an awsome job. But the note 8 has a lot more features but apple my catch up. Not saying that their bad i like their other products.

  11. Faran Lala says:

    Aaahh still confused which phone should i go for ?

  12. Jasper VanSlyke says:

    If y'all haven't figured it out yet, but if u can tell the iPhone X is a clone it's not real bc the real iPhone X does not look nothing like that.

  13. regular idiot says:

    Not an Isheep but I feel sorry for the iPhone X it's like the bullied kid in school and it's not a bad phone overall it's just for people with a higher budget

  14. YyyNnnte YyyNnnte says:

    The phone is nothing but I do not like it when I'm in the cumulative one It is necessary to fix the accumulator in general it is necessary to remove and then it is possible to take the phone

  15. Karl_Francis_ Cruz says:

    One Question…. Should I wait for the Note 9 or should I go for Note 8 which is available for almost a year?? I need a advice please…

  16. James Olano says:

    Water resistent…always New concepts👍….J😎

  17. James Olano says:

    Samsung Galaxy Note 8 with S pen⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  18. Charbel Kousayer says:

    iPhone X 😍

  19. Hari Shyam says:

    how Samsung users defend: Detailed Specs.
    how Apple fanatics fight: "Apple! Apple! A11 processor! Apple! Apple!"

    lol.. buy the phone, not the name. I love Apple products but Note 8 is definitely better than iPhone X. Reasons?? go and compare the specs for yourself before you start preaching "AAAPPPPPPPPPLLEEEEE SMAAASH!!!"

  20. Lexi G says:


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