iPhone X vs iPhone 8/8 Plus – Which Should You Buy?

Tough Choice, iPhone X vs iPhone 8 & 8 Plus. Is iPhone X Better? Is It Worth The 0-300 Premium? Which Should You Buy & Why.

iPhone X Features Review: https://youtu.be/cjH3bjyznfg
iPhone X Clone Unboxing: https://youtu.be/EYdOmViXm5g

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20 Responses to “iPhone X vs iPhone 8/8 Plus – Which Should You Buy?”

  1. Gina Bermas says:

    does the 8 iPhone have the new Animoji

  2. Solvita Dilane says:

    you ar my favorite i whant i phone x plz

  3. cristiano morini says:

    You saied iPhone X glass ugual iPhone 7/7+ glass

  4. Basti Perez says:

    #EverythingApplePro Do you use iMacs or Windows?

  5. choon wah yee says:

    Now ! I see ! I known ! All ppl are waiting for ….. Iphone x plus ! Yes ! You are right ! So solid ! Plus me !!! Too

  6. choon wah yee says:

    Have it own great ! All are so cute ! To me ! I want all ! Color's!sizes ! And models! Because! I rich's

  7. sk sagor says:

    iphone x high copy how many dollars

  8. الإسلام الأديان says:

    The Apple iPhone 8 is one of the popular phones that everyone wants to get it. go to this link and get to the phone: https://survey-win.blogspot.com/2018/02/win-iphone-8.html

  9. Breezy Tv says:

    Nice to know I got my iPhone 8 I’m good with my

  10. Maorys95 says:


    This will kill your shit iphone hahaha.

  11. Technical Engineer says:

    please visit this video iphone-x:

  12. Zoli Papp says:

    Where can you buy a white fronted iphone x?

  13. PandaClaus12345 says:

    I wish there was a headphone jack for the new iPhones

  14. Jalisa Mcdade says:

    I like the iPhone 8 but I like iPhone x

  15. Jalisa Mcdade says:

    iPhone x

  16. laura officiel says:

    I have iPhone X is so great

  17. TheRamonesFreak says:

    I have an iPhone 8 plus with 256 GB. I came from Android and I always said I would NEVER go iPhone always an Android girl. I got tired though of battery life and phones acting "wonky". I had the Moto Z that came out in 2016 and the battery was shot. So far I love my iPhone and I take back everything bad I have ever said about Iphones. Haha. Although the first day I had it I didn't realize how important that damn passcode is. I thought I could change it. Nope had to reset the phone haha. I learned my lesson 🤣

  18. Random says:

    Got a google pixel ad…

  19. Dyllan carmona says:

    I don’t even know why I like watching these videos i bought the x and like to fight myself

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