iPhone X Impresses In Latest Leaks!

The Biggest iPhone X Parts Leak Ever! More Incredible Features, Gestures Leak, iPhone 8 Details, Fate Of Touch ID & More!

Previous iPhone 8 Leaks: https://youtu.be/rjYCMIWYJfw
iPhone 8 Clone Hands On: https://youtu.be/RLqxvsY9gto

AppleiDesigner Insta: https://www.instagram.com/appleidesigner/

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20 Responses to “iPhone X Impresses In Latest Leaks!”

  1. ColinPlaysYT says:

    It is iPhone X not iphone 8

  2. TheElectricBolts says:

    I feel like apple wants us to make these leaks, and then they make whatever out of it they can.

  3. The Meme Meme says:

    Never knew that iPhones were made in Black Mesa.

  4. Muhammed Umair says:

    iPhone X

  5. rimatuna says:

    Good thing you can reserve your iPhone 8 here https://sites.google.com/site/PreOrderIphone8

  6. Dzjuben says:

    The iPhone 8, iPhone 10x is out now

  7. Mauri QHD - Try says:

    the amount of dumb ppl in the comments is amazing
    if you are going to hate Apple, and pretend you have valid criticism, at least invest all your brain power on doing so
    oh wait.. they are.. :/

  8. Mauri QHD - Try says:

    they are sometimes* the best

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  10. Avi Sheta says:

    Give me a i phone 7 plus plz plz I really appreciate your help

  11. David Perez says:

    hey EverythingApplepro I have a iPhone 6 plus and it's cracked and it's locked I got nothing to do with it

  12. JakeGang says:

    GUYS. If the iPhone 8 is rumored to have FaceID on both the back and front facing cameras, wouldn't that mean that they would use the back facing camera to read your fingerprint using recognition technology, replacin TouchID??? So you would just have to aim your finger (probably pointer finger) up at the camera, and it would read it! (probably a lot faster too, with the new technology).

  13. Emil Andersen-sleire says:


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  15. KING START says:

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  16. Joshua Scott says:

    Really, thanks

  17. Rafal Cute fluffy bird says:

    I got iPhone 7 plus and I think they need to improve their predicted text dictionary. This is absolutely appalling.

  18. Giovanni Gonzalez says:

    I feel like Apple is slowly getting left behind in whats "new". This just looks like a tad smaller version of the galaxy s8. For a company that releases phones every 6 months, its hard to understand why they are getting ledt behind with design choices samsung had already made(smart ones at least, god forbid the headphone jack is needed) such as the big screen with no home button being the biggest. Givw it another 5 years and apple wont be able to catch up…when steve bills died apple died too

  19. Hinaru Uchiha Uzumaki says:

    Interesting to see varied opinions in the comments. I wonder how Apple's going to pull this one off and possibly increase hype for sales. From the looks of it, it doesn't look good for them 😐😐

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