iPhone X & 8 Clone Unboxing!

0 iPhone X & 8 Clone Unboxing! First Working iPhone X & 8 Clone in Product RED & Silver, How Bad Can It Be?

iPhone 8 Latest Rumors: https://youtu.be/z8cd8X_s-wE

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20 Responses to “iPhone X & 8 Clone Unboxing!”

  1. Rosalie Ryba says:

    I have a iPhone X it is better then any kind of phone

  2. Mohamed Bennaoum says:

    Wath dafak

  3. Gerardo Esquivel says:

    My phone have a face unlock is fast as heck

  4. Swag Money says:

    Great China you call a I phone x a I phone 8

  5. Green Lightning Studios says:

    Who is watching after the iPhone X is released?

  6. Laurens R. :3 says:

    "wired airpods with a lightning connector"… nice one

  7. LEONELCRACK123 Durazo says:

    The red is 100% fake

  8. Raja Mohsin says:

    The IPhone 8 doesn't look like this but Chinese made it it a IPhone x

  9. Ali Daniel Dikkaya says:

    Can U give me free plz… ??? I need iphone 8+ by apple not china ☺️☺️☺️

  10. Marco Munoz says:

    50% can I please have the Clone in the comments section

  11. Mamta Bhati says:

    you are buying so many clone why don't you buy the real

  12. CarChannel Yt says:

    9:34 must watch

  13. cha r lee says:

    In asia made in china ok I have galaxy a8 model 2016 ok for me

  14. Jeremy Chacko says:

    Anyone watching after the release🤥

  15. Nara tube says:

    uyhudnb ufjhuc j

  16. Иван Стефанов says:

    cok guzel

  17. Carter Herman says:

    1:11 "wow"

  18. Егор Смирнов says:

    I installed Xeoma video surveillance app on my iPhone X and now I can monitor everything that happens at my place when I'm gone via my phone!

  19. Hamzah Mohamed says:

    Everythingapplepro: they put in the old lock sound not seen that in ages

    Me: I hear that sound every time I close my iPhone and it's not old I have the iPhone 5s with Touch ID and it has that lock sound

  20. Hamzah Mohamed says:

    Who ever in the future like me is watching this you know it looks better and there's an iPhone x that looks better

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