iPhone 8 vs Samsung Galaxy S8: Sorry Apple..

iOS vs Android. For nearly a decade the rivalry of these two lineups has spun a trend of love and hate that even we have a hard time controlling in the comments. Surely one is the misunderstood iPhone, and the other is the Galaxy on its way out, but smaller price on one and deals on the other make this a worthy comaprison none the less. I’m Jaime Rivera with Pocketnow and this is iPhone 8 vs Samsung Galaxy S8

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20 Responses to “iPhone 8 vs Samsung Galaxy S8: Sorry Apple..”

  1. Diamond Doom says:

    At 6:37 Someone almost got hit by a car

  2. MIke Lirette says:

    Nice…. But can they run Arma 3?

  3. zai achsan says:

    Hey bro
    But… You can jailbreak your iPhone and change the home screen and add manual menu on the camera
    Thats very iseay

  4. Mar Sea says:

    Sorry Samsung!
    iPhones are better!!

  5. Slo Gaming says:

    s8 looks so bad and that finger prindbplacement i rly don't understand what samsung were doin but ye it's that scrern and stuff so phones are tied as hell

  6. Mobil BoSS says:

    Nice samsung

  7. val valdrin says:

    Samsung: we got more futuristic phones they don't look always the same as Apple!
    Apple: catch this! Throws iPhone X !
    Fans: the phone that looked the same is now completely different and Samsung is trying to catch up by stealing some parts of their design but it's still mission impossible maybe they should sell them fake OLED displays maybe make them burn just like Samsungs battery does 🙁

  8. Sajib hossain says:


  9. AL MIA says:

    Samsung S8 is so defective it's not funny. I have gone thru three S8 within a period of 2 weeks. Yes you've read it correct. The S8 is full of not charging issues while continued to get the run around from both Xfinity and Samsung. Currently I am without a phone since the 3rd S8 have been sent to Samsung for repair and it's been more than a week. You figure out what this means and can do to you if your business is dependent on communication. Anyways, I would love to drop the S8 for IPhone if I were not locked since I had to buy a new phone with Xfinity in the beginning which is another B.S. Samsung customer service is nothing but worthless which I've discovered the hard way.

  10. Alek Gera says:

    iPhone 8 has batter battery?? Wtf I watched so many tests and s8 wins.

  11. Kena Troll says:

    Sold my 7 plus and bought S9 plus. Never regret since then. I really hate that apple slowing down their phone when battery is bad. Iphone's battery reduced to 20% after 1.5 years, while samsung just reduce 5% over 2 years..i use smartphone for work. For me IOS is really complicated when you want to share some documents, meanwhile on andriod just using cable/bluetooth and transfer it. IOS is just for someone who want to show off paying thousands for somehing that cannot escape from its wall garden. Really funny when someone use iphone, but dont have any macs, update? Just relies on OTA instead of download full firmware which is much better. For me andriod is much useful because it has true multitasking, i can text my workes while viewing building floor plan, 2 apps at one time, back then i need to back and forth in order to do both tasks, no longer doing that stupid move again. Apple should implement that on X! It has almost 2K resolution on iphone. I dont want to carry an ipad just for works, thats nonsense. Futhermore i can charge my battery faster than iphone, without spend more money to buy large brick of adapater. Apple really2 want you to spend more, foolish moves by Tim Cook! Not to mention IOS 11 buggy update, need to wait for several updates to fix but the newest one has bugs too. An Apple with full of worms. We dont should call a bug on apple devices as 'bug' but a worm. IDK what Tim Cook is doing, release as much as iphones that he could.

    Apple used to releasr one device, and the device nailed every andriod. Now? Yikes! So many to choose from just like andriod, and almost same functions. We need iphone to have some andriod features like split screen, fast charging right out of the box with fast charger, more battery capacity so that the iphone stay much longer. I dont need a fancy and eye candy animoji, thats stupid! I dont use AR emoji as well. I need a phone that truly suits me.

    Tim cook should step down as apple's ceo. He just like former microsoft ceo, steve ballmer. If apple want more money, please put more battery on it. Why? Because people need to use an iphone longer!! If an iphone can last longer almost 2 days with medium usage just take my money, i use apple. Same goes to the battery degrade, apple has so muchh money, but why samsung has 1-2 years lead in battery degrade? It learned a lesson from note 7. Apple should doing the same thing rather than put something useless. If i were apple's ceo, i will put 4000mah with great software optimization so that iphone users will able to use their phone longer and no need to charge their phone regularly. Very useful for frequent traveler like me. This is just crazy tim cook that he dont want to use some resources to improve battery life, just improve the processor power consumption.. if apple increase the battery capacity thats would be really great. Apple is the company, tim cook is the worm inside Apple. Really sad this gay 'anal' the company

  12. Dan Richmond says:

    Love my iPhone x

  13. Cristiano Sabian says:

    3:32 you put the wrong specs

  14. Gaming Universe 72 says:

    I'm watching this on my galaxy s8

  15. infectedN8 says:


  16. Shawn Desilets says:

    Both cameras were more stable on the Samsung compared to the iPhone

  17. DaRealKidd {DRK} says:


  18. Robert Presti says:

    the S8 camera(s) look bad but it's improved drastically over time it's so sharp and I think the front camera on the S8 has OIS as you can see in this video even though Samsung doesn't tell you in the S* specs or reviews. but in a Jerry-rigged tear down you can see it has OIS. anyways the camera(s) looks way better now.

    Apple is POOP!!!!! 😉

  19. Hanf. says:

    Watching this on iPhone 4s.

  20. ASMR show says:

    Galaxy S8 video records stereo sound or plug in a microphone into the minijack … more utility for filmmakers yay

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