iPhone 8 vs iPhone 7 – Differences that matter?

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Watch our most recent comparison, now with the iPhone 8 vs iPhone 7. The most common question I hear today is if the iPhone 8 is a worthy upgrade. Some people still have the iPhone 7, and feel this is just the iPhone 7s. And then there’s the irony that you can still buy both from Cupertino at the moment, with the 7 costing slightly less money. It’s only fair for us to put them head to head on a comparison and see just how similar they really are. You’d be shocked at just how different they are in the things that matter.

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20 Responses to “iPhone 8 vs iPhone 7 – Differences that matter?”

  1. Kevan Glover says:

    The 8+ is better than the 10

  2. suprememixtape says:

    Upgraded from iPhone 6 to 8 plus today!

  3. Gina Price says:

    He forgot the portrait mode, that’s the only reason why I would upgrade from iPhone 7

  4. infectedN8 says:


  5. Gary Fletcher says:

    I never had friends like I had when I was 12.. jees, does anyone

  6. ShynizZz says:

    The glass design looks gorgeous!

  7. 181088 Says says:

    I don’t know how Apple devices maintain the top place with such a weak batteries🤔


    Are you mix?

  9. Evelien Maes says:

    i have the iPhone se 16gb , should i upgrade to the 7 or 8???

  10. Pete says:

    I like the desing of the iphone 8 more than the iphone 7. In fact, the design of the back of the iphone 7 is the worst in iphone history. Look at the apple logo in the iphone 7 for example , it doesn´t shine.

  11. JozBen010 says:

    Iphone 7 have 256 gb storage

  12. Irvin Ong says:

    iPhone X is just like a iPhone 4 S-S-S-S-S

  13. Zak Bhatti says:

    I love iphone 7 but galaxy S8 is better, lol.

  14. stephanie sandstrom says:

    I want an iPhone 8

  15. Siddharth Gaikwad says:

    i have one question please help me my phone calendar show 2561 year and date12 month march so please help me

  16. Football 28 says:

    Need it

  17. Football 28 says:

    I or the 8

  18. Football 28 says:

    Please please please

  19. Football 28 says:

    Please give me the iPhone 7

  20. Aleksandar be together not the same says:

    foxcon trash for dumb american and around the world

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