iPhone 8 Plus Hammer & Knife Scratch Test

A new year, a new iPhone, lets see what happens when it meets a hammer.



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20 Responses to “iPhone 8 Plus Hammer & Knife Scratch Test”

  1. TechRax says:

    Anyone picking up the 8 or waiting for the X?

  2. حامد حامد حامد حامد says:


  3. CyberSalty says:

    Is it back to the future? 😂

  4. Lolo Lola says:

    R.I.P. IPhone 8+

  5. Dummychar says:

    Trigger happy

  6. Pranshu Dhiman says:

    Tood kyu raha hai muja da da

  7. ポポちゃん says:


  8. tompool Rajah says:


  9. Sarah Taqatqa says:

    Can u give one to me as a very old subscriber since you just destroy and fuck em up?plz

  10. Aman Ali says:


  11. LorenzAssassin 1O1 says:

    Tech rax the phone killer i see you kill phones lol so i call you the phone killler car killer what ever

  12. Edison vlogs says:

    Who’s watching on iPhone 8 Plus

  13. Kimberly Ortega says:

    4:04 it looks like a person

  14. Shanaiya Johnson says:

    that's not right there iPhones $800 dollars they phone not cheap

  15. Red Zone24 says:

    All I have is a iPhone 5

  16. INAZUMA ELEVEN says:

    Fake all

  17. Tott Juhlin says:

    You are fucking dum ass fuck you fag
    Die in a alivator

  18. Puspa Jati Indah says:

    What's go a lot of money every upload channel you uploaded mobile phone destroyet using hammer what get money bilions from youtube concious the treasure is only temporary in the world after death we do not carry money

  19. Puspa Jati Indah says:

    more money has the voice of our speech

  20. Puspa Jati Indah says:

    Because the price 16,5 milion rupiah nominal money name is expensive indonesia price is very expensive in the country of indonesia

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